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Giles  Bailey
#38 - April 2017 Review

Ian White Book Launch

Giles Bailey records his experience of the launch event at the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, for ’Here is Information. Mobilise. Ian White’, a book of selected writings, published by LUX
#39 - July 2017 Review

For Now / Six Propositions

Elizabeth Reeder responds to a series of performances by Siobhan Davies Dance company at Tramway
Mai It Is This Thumbnail2
#37 - December 2016

It is this it is this, it is this

A Portrait of Margaret Tait. Transcript of ‘It is this it is this, it is this’, a performative video-essay by Laura Edbrook & Sarah Forrest
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#37 - June 2016

It is this it is this, it is this: Documentation

Documentation of event at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 11 June 2016
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#36 - December 2015

The Hollow Mountain

Voice in the live performance of Maria Fusco’s, ‘Master Rock’, by Claire Walsh
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#34 - March 2015

MAP Screen | Reading in the Dark

Images from Glasgow Film Festival event curated by Suzanne van der Lingen.
Katherine Angel  The Blackburn Company12 May 72Dpi
#31 - May 2014

Unmastered, Remastered by Katherine Angel & The Blackburn Company

Curated reading of the book ‘Unmastered / A Book On Desire, Most Difficult to Tell’
Mai Img 8123
#31 - March 2014

‘A Feminist Chorus’ by Lucy Reynolds | Recording, March 2014

Recording for A Feminist Chorus at Glasgow Kelvin College, 21 March, 2014
#26 - November 2012

Slow dissolve to—

Room Interior. Closed Door. She walks slowly through scene and exits, by Laura Edbrook and Ailsa Lochhead
#25 - July 2011

The Fruit of Their Actions

Laura Edbrook engages in the psychology of a recent work by artist duo Smith/Stewart
#25 - July 2011

Shoplifters Shopgirls

Glasgow-based artists Sophie Macpherson and Clare Stephenson talk to Steven Cairns about their recent collaboration and how theatrical contexts have shaped it
In  These  Troubled  Times 1
#25 - July 2011

Remarks: In These Troubled Times

Jesse Jones and Fiona Marron discuss their Dublin workshops
#37 - May 2016

Footnoting the Archive at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

MAP presents an event as part of Footnoting the Archive | 2-4pm, 11 June 2016
#37 - February 2016

In Parting Glass

#37 - June 2016

Living with the Promises of Appearances

Performance and Broadcast by Sarah Rose and Rebecca Wilcox | 9.45 - 10.45pm, 21 June 2016
#38 - January 2017

Listen up! The best art & philosophy is on YouTube 4shure

MAP presented Gillian Wylde’s ‘Will internets eat brain’ for Glasgow Film Festival 2017, Friday 24 February, 6-7.30, CCA cinema, Glasgow
Img 20140314 0003 1
#31 - February 2014

‘A Feminist Chorus’ by Lucy Reynolds, curated by MAP

Glasgow International: ‘A Feminist Chorus’, one film, two sound works and a performance, spanning three venues, 5—21 April, Glasgow Women’s Library, Glasgow School of Art & 5 Blythswood Square
#31 - September 2014

‘A Feminist Chorus’ voices at The Glasgow School of Art

The sound work installed in the Hen Run during Glasgow International 2014 is now online
#31 - September 2014

‘A Feminist Chorus’ voices at 5 Blythswood Square

The sound work installed during Glasgow International 2014 is now online
Mai A  Feminist  Chorus  Image Crop
#31 - April 2014 MAP Project

‘A Feminist Chorus’

Live at Glasgow Women’s Library, Saturday 5 April, Glasgow International 2014
#29 - August 2013

In the Shadow of the Hand : Object 7a

A witness statement in the form of a text and image, produced in response to Object 6a ‘Woman Crawling On Hands And Knees’. A collaborative project by Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison
#29 - August 2013

In the Shadow of the Hand : Object 7b

A witness statement in the form of a text, produced in response to Object 6b ‘The Idea’. A collaborative project by Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison
Mai Object  Removed Back72Land
#28 - April 2013

In the Shadow of the Hand : Object 5a

‘Object Removed’ A collaborative project by Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison
#28 - April 2013

In the Shadow of the Hand : Object 5b

‘Witness Statement’  A collaborative project by Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison
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#24 - November 2010

Guy de Cointet

Giles Bailey meets Marie de Brugerolle to talk about the renewed interest in the avant-garde artist’s surreal performances
Richard  Long
#23 Autumn - September 2010

Performance, Land Art and Photography

Francesco Gagliardi unpicks the ambiguity of the photographic document and its role as a cipher in both performance and land art from 1960 to the late 1970s
Dsc 3088
#23 Autumn - September 2010

Emerging: Cara Tolmie

Will Holder examines the complex practice of this London-based artist
#20 Winter - November 2009

Power Structures, Pantomimes and Parodies

The installations and performances of Paris-based artist Lili Reynaud-Dewar draw from a kaleidoscopic field of identities and histories—from Rastafarianism to Super Studio, from shorthand typists to burlesque entertainers. Here, in conversation with Joanna Fiduccia, she discusses the ambiguities, both sculptural and moral, behind her very particular Follies, and what it means to be the woman behind the curtain
#20 Winter - November 2009

Performance and Pedagogy: All Talk, Some Action

Karen Archey sheds light on the rise of performance and pedagogy in contemporary art practice
#20 Winter - November 2009

Remarks: Performa 09

Roselee Goldberg, founder and director of Performa, maps out the origins, current programme, and future of the biennial of performance in New York City
#19 Autumn - September 2009

Report: Art, Adolescence and Sociality

Sean Ashton takes a view from the crowd during ‘Our Name is Legion’, an event orchestrated by Kelly Large in Sleaford at 3pm on 30 April, 2009
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#18 Summer - June 2009

Residency: Simon Fujiwara

Oliver Basciano meets Simon Fujiwara to discuss his work and recent residency in LA
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#17 Spring - March 2009

Back In To It

Darren Rhymes puts words together with new ‘Write Ups’ made for these pages by Sue Tompkins, an artist known for her performance and works on paper
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#16 Winter - November 2008

Report: Back To You: Contemporary Performative Practice

Sarah Lowndes explores a current wave in contemporary art
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#8 - November 2006

Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard, Jason Pierce

The collaborators behind Silent Sound on their Liverpool Biennial performance based around the idea of spiritualism
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#8 - November 2006

Emerging: Ben and Holly

We introduce two pairs of artists who attracted attention at the Edinburgh Art Festival 2006; and two individual artists who are making a visible mark on the landscape of environmental art
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#7 - September 2006

Diary: Theatre of Dreams

Patrick Semple reports from the terraces at this year’s Art Cup in remote Huntly, Aberdeenshire
#1 - February 2005

Certain of Nothing: Francis Alÿs

Francis McKee traces the path of Belgian artist Francis Alÿs as he explores the boundaries between politics, poetry and art
Idiot Savant03  Rgb
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review

Richard Foreman: Idiot Savant, The Public Theater

27 October–20 December, 2009, New York
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#16 Winter - November 2008 Review

William Hunt

13 September–31 October, 2008, Witte de With Rotterdam, Rotterdam  
Shelly  Nadashi1
#22 - June 2010 Review


22 April, 2010, Sloans Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
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#17 Spring - March 2009 Review

The International Necronautical Society (INS) 17 January

17 January, Tate Britain, London
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#18 Summer - June 2009 Review

Agnes Nedregard

4–5 April, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh
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#18 Summer - June 2009 Review

Guy Benfield

1–25 April, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne  
#24 - November 2010 Review

Elizabeth McAlpine

26 October–20 November, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London
Hayes By Enid Alvarez
#23 Autumn - September 2010 Review

Sharon Hayes

24 July 2010, Guggenheim, New York
Democracy 1 Final
#23 Autumn - September 2010 Review

Ian White

17 July 2010, DAAD, Berlin
Anthony  Elms
#22 - June 2010 Review

Cosey Complex

27 March, 2010, ICA, London 
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#14 Summer - June 2008 Review

Music: Melanie Gilligan: Prison for Objects

10 April–10 May 2008, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow
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#13 Spring - March 2008 Review

Books & Film DVDs: Oreet Ashery £10
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#11 Autumn - September 2007 Review

Gillian Wearing

24 March–10 June 2007, Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, Trento
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#9 - March 2007 Review

John Cage

24 November 2006–7 January 2007, La Casa Encendida, Madrid
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#8 - November 2006 Review

Chris Burden

15 September–5 November 2006, South London Gallery and Chelsea College of Art and Design, London
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#6 - April 2006 Review

Linder Sterling

Tate Britain, London, 1 April 2006
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

Scorpio’s Garden

12 October–15 November, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

Spartacus Chetwynd

9 October, Witte de With, Rotterdam
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#5 - January 2006 Review

Books: Journey to the Lower World

By Marcus Coates, edited by Alec Finlay, published by Platform Projects and Morning Star, 2005, ISBN 0 9546831 6 1
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#1 - February 2005 Review

Torsten Lauschmann

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, 6 Nov-4 Dec 2004
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#2 - May 2005 Review

Laurie Anderson

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 17 February-2 May and Queens Hall, Edinburgh, 29 April
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#3 - August 2005 Review

History of Disappearance—Live Art From New York 1975–Present

Baltic, 18 June-4 September, 2005
7  Tmi Fowll 43346 Still 04
#41 - October 2017 Review

Country Grammar

Ruth Barker reviews ‘Country Grammar’ by Sue Tompkins (featuring work by Luke Fowler) at The Modern Institute Aird’s Lane, Glasgow, 30 September - 4 November
Megan Rooney Fonyourtongue 005Small
#41 - November 2017

Event over. Premier of Others got wings for flying by Megan Rooney

Megan Rooney’s new performance, created for the MAP commission 2017, was presented at Tramway, 7.30-8.30, 7 December.
Megan Rooney Perf Tram 13
#42 - December 2017 MAP Event

Others got wings for flying: performance

Others got wings for flying, the MAP commission 2017, in collaboration with Megan Rooney, arrived at its conclusion with the premiere of Rooney’s eponymous performance at Tramway, Glasgow
Img 2235
#42 - January 2018 Essay

The Engagement Party

Aniela Piasecka and Paloma Proudfoot share a text from their recent performance at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
#42 - January 2018 Review

Choreography Concept for Untrained Amateurs

Gordon Douglas responds to a work by performance group, contact Gonzo, at BUoY, Tokyo, 28 - 29 October 2017 
Esther Ferrer 23Apr Gi2018 3 Of 4
#44 - April 2018 Interview

Esther Ferrer

Mónica Laiseca talks to the Spanish artist who has recently performed at Glasgow International 2018
Stills 2 1 6
#46 - July 2018

Wannabe: notes toward a performance

Aniela Piasecka of Stasis on research, girl gangs and residency ambivalence
#48 - January 2019 Journal

Folded multi-page travel itineraries with stage directions

The first in a series of research texts by Gordon Douglas reporting on encounters with collaborative practice in Japan
#48 - January 2019 Journal

Handwritten personal details on a deck of fluorescent green playing cards

Second in a series of research texts by Gordon Douglas reporting on encounters with collaborative practice in Japan
#48 - January 2019 Journal

The word ‘Tradition’ with several circles around it indicating it’s been alluded to multiple times in a conversation

Third in a series of research texts by Gordon Douglas reporting on encounters with collaborative practice in Japan
#48 - January 2019 Journal

An upside down triangle with a two-headed arrow between the top two apexes. In the middle of this arrow, a dotted line with ‘SOCIAL’ written on one side and ‘SEXUAL’ on the other

Fourth in a series of research texts by Gordon Douglas reporting on encounters with collaborative practice in Japan
#48 - January 2019 Journal

The cheapest notebook purchased hastily and a pencil decorated with the newest generation of Pokemon

Last in a series of research texts by Gordon Douglas reporting on encounters with collaborative practice in Japan.
Shona Mac Naughton2
#50 - April 2019 Review

We Nurture

Gordon Douglas participates in Shona MacNaughton’s new performance on Calton Hill
1  Cannibal O Copy
#50 - May 2019 Visual Essay

Cannibal O

An intimate evening of feminist cannibalism hosted by Catalina Barroso-Luque around a circular dining table and premiered at Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow on 17 April 2019. Twenty eight images by Isobel Lutz-Smith tell the story.
Hevi Metle1
#55 - February 2020 Review

She says, my body contains blood baths. How will you care for it?

A response by Kiah Endelman Music to Louise Ahl’s Hevi Metle, a durational performance of six hours, six minutes and six seconds which draws on a feminist approach to alchemy. Made in collaboration with Australian choreographer Angela Goh, Glasgow-based artist Michelle Hannah and including an integrated touch tour by Edinburgh-based Juliana Capes, the work was first seen at Tramway, Glasgow and will be re-presented on 12 February 2020 at Baltic.
Thumbnail Tongues Fatt Rachel 01
#56 - April 2020 Screening


MAP screens a new film by Màiri Lafferty, alongside ‘Polyphonic Repentance’, a text by Holly Yeoman