In the Shadow of the Hand is a collaborative project that brings into conversation the practices of Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison. Prompted by a shared desire to look at the relationship between the art object and language, it reflects on processes of evaluation and critique, and the development of artistic response.

The artists made objects that were cast in lead and exchanged. Once exchanged these objects were melted down to their liquid form and recast into lead letters with the artists responding—using text as they see fit­­—to the other’s object. An objective call invited a subjective response.

This relationship between the one and the other, between a text and an object unfolds without any set conclusions.

Invited to continue this exchange for MAP online, the artists have had to reconsider their approach. With gravity gone, how can the weight of words be used to express a response? If the physicality of the words is ephemeral, then shouldn’t the object be? If the object leaves no trace, then how is it witnessed?

The texts presented by MAP were written in response to the last lead object cast.

Two gestures were presented at the Laurieston Bar, 58 Bridge Street, Glasgow on Wednesday 27 February 2013, as the second performance iteration of In the Shadow of the Hand . A witness statement and an object loan form record this event.

With thanks to Luke Collins and The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow