Newt on allotment
#62 - June 2021

Twenty twenty one eclipse

A new MAP season for summer
Sean Wai Keung Beyond Walls photo Brian Hartley 0301 lo 2
#62 - June 2021 Reflection

Home Cooking

Sean Wai Keung discusses his Tramway #BeyondWalls project
Alsharif image 2
#62 - June 2021 Review

Unsettling Ecologies: We Began By Measuring Distance

Phoebe Campion on Basma Alsharif’s film, part of the Another Gaze programme ‘For a Free Palestine: Films by Palestinian Women’. The festival closes 18 June
Carol Rhodes River Roads FB Insta
#62 - June 2021 Review

Peripheral Visions

Jamie Limond reviews Carol Rhodes: See the World at Kelvingrove, part of Glasgow International 2021
#62 - June 2021 Review

Nothing Personal

Susannah Thompson reviews a new journal that dares to ask the awkward questions and poses complex ideas around critical conversation
#62 - June 2021 Essay

‘I wasn’t looking back, we could hardly see ahead.’ The Chileans who came to Hull

Tom White explores the relationship between Chilean refugees and Hull in the 1970s
Steph Mann Image 3 MAP web
#61 - May 2021 Reflection

Things, tunnels, traces, thoughts: Part Three

Tom Jeffreys’ response to new work by Stephanie Mann concludes
Steph Mann Image 2 MAP web
#61 - May 2021 Reflection

Things, tunnels, traces, thoughts: Part Two

Tom Jeffreys’ response to new work by Stephanie Mann continued…
Steph Mann Image 1 MAP
#61 - May 2021 Reflection

Things, tunnels, traces, thoughts: Part One

A momentary gathering of words by Tom Jeffreys in response to new work by Stephanie Mann
Timothea Armour
#61 - May 2021 Review

A Public Class: Radical Pub Crawl

Timothea Armour goes on a virtual pub crawl hosted by artist Ruth Ewan and Cooper Gallery, Dundee
TT CT cold talk
#61 - May 2021 Camara Taylor X SBWN


On 29 November 2020 Camara Taylor and Tako Taal met to talk about ‘the cold’: a condensation of their conversation is offered here.
B3 Graterford
#61 - May 2021 Interview

Ethical Portraits

Helen Charman talks to Hatty Nestor about her new book
Ufuoma Essi Bodies In Dissent 3
#61 - April 2021 Review

They lay on the floor like starfish

Ben Nicholson looks into Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2021, Thu 29 Apr-Mon 3 May
Cecilia Mangini Essere Donne
#61 - April 2021 Interview

Transforming Limitation

Caitlin Quinlan talks to Daniella Shreir, editor of Another Gaze, about the new irregular streaming platform, Another Screen
Etel Adnan 4
#61 - April 2021 Letters

tangents: letters on Etel Adnan PART THREE

Katy Lewis Hood and Maria Sledmere correspond
Etel Adnan 2
#61 - April 2021 Letters

tangents: letters on Etel Adnan PART TWO

Katy Lewis Hood and Maria Sledmere correspond
Etel Adnan
#61 - April 2021 Letters

tangents: letters on Etel Adnan PART ONE

Katy Lewis Hood and Maria Sledmere correspond
11 5
#8 - November 2006

Diary: Theatre of Dreams

Matt Baker on the 24 hours when art took over Inverness
Words  Install 03
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review


5 December 2009–17 January 2010, Am Nuden Da, London
50 1 1
#12 Winter - November 2007 Review

A North Light ~ Cynosure, Pier Arts Center

7 July–10 November 2007, Pier Art Centre, Orkney
#17 Spring - March 2009

Remarks: Younger Than Jesus

Lauren Cornell, executive director, Rhizome and adjunct curator, New Museum, is co-curating the New Museum’s first triennial for emerging art. 
Mai Zoe  Leonard Thumbnail  April 5 Frame 10
#26 - November 2012

Sun Photographs

Ken Okiishi and Nick Mauss reflect on Zoe Leonard’s Sun Photographs
Jbblack And White Copy
#38 - January 2017

Jill Bryson

In conversation with Lucy McKenzie, 25 June 2015, Islington, London (an extract from recently published The Inventors of Tradition II)
91 1
#17 Spring - March 2009 Review

Robert Kusmirowski

7 January–22 February, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow
Sitting in Chair 2 3
#60 - January 2021 MAP Project

TENANCY Part 11: Celluloid

by Sarona Abuaker
52 1 3
#9 - March 2007 Review

Ettie Spencer

November 2006–January 2007, Taigh Chearsabhagh, North Uist
Emilio Bianchic Impractica Ii
#50 - April 2019 Interview

Alberta Whittle and Emilio Bianchic

Curators Diego Chocano and Ellie Dobbs interview the two artists brought together in Useless, Pig Rock Bothy, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 13-21 April
IMG 0019
#58 - July 2020 Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980


The second in a four part poetic response by Valerie Norris to ‘The Bitter Cup’ by Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan
18 1 1
#20 Winter - November 2009

Remarks: Pawel Althamer

Suzanne Cotter, curator at Modern Art Oxford, describes Pawel Althamer’s ongoing project Common Task.
#19 Autumn - September 2009

Report: Art, Adolescence and Sociality

Sean Ashton takes a view from the crowd during ‘Our Name is Legion’, an event orchestrated by Kelly Large in Sleaford at 3pm on 30 April, 2009
Maithumbnail For  Map
#27 - December 2012

The gatekeepers’ movements invent another language

Laura Edbrook’s text was written to accompany the video work ‘The End is the Beginning’
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review

Live Film! Jack Smith! Five flaming days in a rented world!

Berlin 28 October–1 November Various venues
91 Andreas  Bunte  Rgb Image
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review

Andreas Bunte

7 November–9 December, 2009, Galerie Ben Kaufmann, Berlin
#8 - November 2006

On the Map 2006

A new directory of artists, curators and galleries in Scotland 
Img 5254
#42 - January 2018 Review

Fissile States

Editorial: Daisy Lafarge introduces this issue  
Ñ Map Image
#50 - April 2019 Daily instalment

A typeface narrative on the Ñ and its infected tilde

In 22 parts, one episode was added to the story every weekday throughout April 2019. This narrative by Catalina Barroso-Luque has now concluded and can be read in full.
63 1 6
#8 - November 2006 Review

Books: Bread / Take Me With You

Bread, Kate Davis, Sorcha Dallas, Take Me With You, Gary Rough, Sorcha Dallas
#37 - January 2016

In Conversation: Alice Bain, Laura Edbrook, Julia Wylie

Discussing MAP’s history, its identity as a publishing platform and digitised archive.
19 4
#9 - March 2007

Emerging: Jamie Shovlin

Steven Cairns looks at the work of emerging artist Jamie Shovlin
#19 Autumn - September 2009

Emerging: Lynn Hynd

Colin Perry enjoys the ‘pleasure of not knowing’ in the sculptural collage of this Glasgow-based artist
Screen Shot 2018 12 02 At 17 59 09
#48 - December 2018 Short Story


First in a series of dark fairy tales by Ester Krumbachová, published in conjunction with the exhibition and film programme of the Czech artist’s work at CCA Glasgow, 7 December 2018 - 27 January 2019
53 7
#12 Winter - November 2007 Review

Louise Bourgeois

10 October 2007–20 January 2008, Tate Modern, London
74 1
#18 Summer - June 2009

Between the Furnace and the Figure

Fiona Jardine responds to Our Objects: Contemporary Ceramics in Context, a challenging exhibition at the Glasgow School of Art 
59 2
#13 Spring - March 2008 Review

Anri Sala

9 November–22 December 2007, Hauser & Wirth, London
#28 - February 2013

The Objects: Chapter Two

Kyla McDonald engages with the importance of the moving image and photography as a way of capturing the ‘object’ in an increasingly fast-moving and changing age
Mai13064664 543056222563215 2304757762755532388 O
#37 - April 2016

Voicing the Archive

An installation of readings from MAP’s archive at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
#37 - September 2016


A footnote by Suzanne van der Lingen
Jp3949 Final
#23 Autumn - September 2010 Review

Jack Pierson

24 June–7 August 2010, Bortolami, New York
#24 - November 2010 Review

Elizabeth McAlpine

26 October–20 November, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London
57 12
#2 - May 2005 Review

Fieldnotes & Sketchbooks

Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, 6 April-4 June 
20 6
#12 Winter - November 2007

Emerging: Ruth Ewan

Ruth Hedges catches up with Ruth Ewan as her latest work hits London’s streets
Lituania 2 Copy
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 6: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers.’ LITHUANIA

‘We opened a military zone to the public that had never before been seen, not even by locals.’ Lucia Pietroiusti, curator of the Lithuanian Pavilion, which was awarded 2019’s Golden Lion, participates in our interview series that sets questions in response to Ralph Rugoff’s Venice Biennale exhibition title, ‘May You Live in Interesting Times’.