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#57 - May 2020 Editorial

New Issue: A Flickering in the Store Cupboard

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#57 - June 2020 MAP Project

TENANCY: the agreement

by Holly Pester
The Great John Cage Project in Lockdown Podcast Contact Mic Tree Recording Image by John Wills
#57 - May 2020 Review

Listen To This

Neil Cooper explores a host of meditations and recent listenings on ‘the impossibility of silence’ unfolding through the past, present and uncertain future
1 Alberta Whittle business as usual hostile environment 2020 Courtesy of the artist small
#57 - May 2020 Review

Attention Economies

William Kherbek attends Glasgow International’s Digital Programme 23 April - 31 May 2020
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#57 - May 2020 Mathew Parkin Chronicle

Cottaging The Hedgerow: Part 2

A four part chronicle by Mathew Parkin, foraging queerness and rurality in recent artist moving image
Train still power lines small
#57 - May 2020 Recollections


Maria Howard recalls a train journey, a film and counterfeit memories of collective grief
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#57 - May 2020 Review


Alexander Storey-Gordon tuned into (and out of) the digital programme, 1-3 May 2020
Baked Alsakalarge
#57 - May 2020 Recollections


Calum Sutherland reflects on Charlotte Prodger’s ‘SaF05’ and the lions of Venice during a trip to the Biennale in 2019
#57 - May 2020 Mathew Parkin Chronicle

Cottaging The Hedgerow: Part 1

A four part chronicle by Mathew Parkin, foraging queerness and rurality in recent artist moving image
Funny Weather
#57 - May 2020 Review

Different kinds of now

Anna Chapman Parker reads Funny Weather, Art in an Emergency by Olivia Laing, Picador, London 2020
Helen Cammock Wysing Arts Centre Photo Wilf Speller 13
#57 - May 2020 Review

Why, They Call it Idlewild

Erica Scourti remotely reviews Helen Cammock’s exhibition ‘They Call It Idlewild’ at Wysing Arts Centre, affirming a vision where respecting the human need for downtime is a vital act of care.
Joan Eardley Flood Tide
#56 - May 2020 Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980

Flood Tide (Joan Eardley)

by Edwin Morgan
Mardi Barrie Summer Rain 1992 copy 2
#56 - May 2020 Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980

Mardi Barrie and her transpositional quest

‘It is not women’s inferiority that has determined their historical insignificance: it is their historical insignificance that has doomed them to inferiority.’ Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex, 1949. Lauren Dyer Amazeen is drawn to the work of this Edinburgh artist
Joan Eardley 2
#56 - May 2020 Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980

she didn’t paint the sea, after Joan Eardley

by Daisy Lafarge
Cordelia Oliver photograph copy
#56 - May 2020 Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980


Susannah Thompson and Marianne Greated introduce a MAP mini series, part of their recently launched, ongoing project Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980
Maypole 2 final copy
#56 - May 2020 MAP Project

TENANCY—May Day Parade: Clause iv

Shirking on Rented Space-Time by Nisha Ramayya
Maypole 3 final
#56 - May 2020 MAP Project

TENANCY May Day Parade: Clause iii

Vacancy by Caitlín Doherty
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#11 Autumn - September 2007

Interview: Simon Fisher Turner

This composer/musician recently performed at Tramway, Glasgow, inside a life-size recreation of Elvis Presley’s former home, Gracelands. Nominated for an Oscar (Anna Campion’s feature, Loaded), his most recent album, Lana Lara Lata, is out on Mute Records
#25 - July 2011

Remarks: Lucy Skaer

Using the site of an abandoned cinema for display, the artist outlines her forthcoming project in Leeds
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#11 Autumn - September 2007 Review

Books: After the Revolution: Women Who Transformed Contemporary Art

Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princnthal, Sue Scott ISBN 978-3-7913-3732-6 £25
Chapter Seven
#45 - June 2018 Review

Chapter Seven

The seventh instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply by Khairani Barokka
Words  Install 03
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review


5 December 2009–17 January 2010, Am Nuden Da, London
Img 9725
#41 - November 2017 Review


Rachael Finney reviews ‘Interstices’ by Terre Thaemlitz at Auto Italia, 3 October - 3 December
#28 - May 2013

In the Shadow of the Hand : Object 6b

‘The Idea’ Sarah Forrest responds in writing to Virginia Hutchison. Their collaboration ‘In the Shadow of the Hand’ continues on MAP
Bulgaria 2 Copy
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 5: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers.’ BULGARIA

Eastern European countries exhibiting at the Venice Biennale 2019 were interviewed by Manca Bajec and Isobel Wohl. Responses here by curator Vera Mlechevska and artists Lazar Lyutakov and Rada Boukova.
5 2
#7 - September 2006

Report: Can Video Thrive as a Marginal Activity?

Isla Leaver-Yap reports on the state of video art in Scotland
Collidbooks Covers 0Isbn9781635900361Type
#47 - November 2018 Review

Constant Companion

Philippa Snow reviews Seasonal Associate, Heike Geissler’s account of taking on seasonal work at Amazon
86  Straub  Huillet  Rgb
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review

Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub

13 November–20 December, 2009, Extra City, Antwerp
Mai Mojoverhead
#26 - November 2012

Muscles of Joy—No-One’s Little Girls Shouting Out Loud

Neil Cooper looks at a year in the life of Glasgow-based band, Muscles of Joy
59 7
#7 - September 2006 Review

Zidane: a 21st Century Portrait

50 4
#16 Winter - November 2008

Cyprien Gaillard: Recycling the Ruins

Cyprien Gaillard recently witnessed the destruction of high rise buildings in Glasgow: acute observations of this are the subject of his new work. Joanna Fiduccia talks to him about his practice and the death and decay of modernism in urban architecture
11 1
#12 Winter - November 2007

Remarks: One Mile

91 1
#18 Summer - June 2009 Review

Living Together

23 January–3 May, Centro Cultural Montehermoso Kulturunea, Vitoria
#37 - February 2016

A conglomerate of voices rise up like hidden steam.

Stephanie Mann presents a footnote to Glasgow Sculpture Studios’ exhibition, ‘The transparent tortoiseshell and the un-ripe umbrella’ (23 January – 05 March 2016).
#43 - March 2018 Review

The you in us

Kylie Gilchrist reviews Lydia Ourahmane’s solo exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery, London, 26 January - 25 March
Rory Pilgrim Software Garden 1 2
#48 - February 2019 Review

What moves you?

Rebecca O’Dwyer reports on Transmediale, Berlin, 31 Jan - 3 Feb
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#17 Spring - March 2009

Back Page: ‘Brain 2’, 2009

An encoded broadcast on Channel 21, Citizen’s Band. A script by Nathaniel Mellors 
45 2
#22 - June 2010

Martin Soto Climent: CHAPTER ONE

Dominic Paterson investigates the work of Mexican artist Martin Soto Climent as he begins a year-long international project
44 7
#15 Autumn - September 2008

Jordan Wolfson: In Search of the Whale

Hans Ulrich Obrist and Jordan Wolfson take a taxi to the Museum of Natural History, New York, to visit the whale. Time, travel, and time-travel come into their sights
Jeanette Doyle Rough
#50 - July 2019 Documentation


Thinking about air, fire, smoke, volcanoes and immateriality with The Enquiry
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#16 Winter - November 2008

Commission: Ruth Ewan

A set of four postcards by Ruth Ewan have been commissioned for this issue of MAP
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#18 Summer - June 2009 Review

Rebecca Warren

10 March–19 April, Serpentine Galley, London
#16 Winter - November 2008

Remarks: Katy Dove

Katy Dove discusses her two year residency at Platform, Glasgow, and how working with community groups has reflected on her practice. 
Wc Video 02
#23 Autumn - September 2010

Kelly Nipper: Composing Movements

Joanna Fiduccia explores a practice that reconnects movement with myth
61 14
#5 - January 2006 Review

Ossian then and now

Uuniversité Paris 7-19 November, 2006
6 6
#1 - February 2005


Tim Abrahams reports on art world activity
Serbia Copy
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 12: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers’ SERBIA

‘I am a European in a Brexit country, who curated a pavilion of a nation that is in the process of entering the EU but is not yet part of it.’ Response from curator Nicoletta Lambertucci continues our 15 part series.
19 2
#19 Autumn - September 2009

Remarks: Nottingham Central

Alex Farquharson, curator of the new Nottingham Contemporary, talks about the highlights of the year ahead and beyond 
53 7
#12 Winter - November 2007 Review

Louise Bourgeois

10 October 2007–20 January 2008, Tate Modern, London
73 4
#14 Summer - June 2008 Review

Raymond Pettibon

15 March–26 April 2008, Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
Chapter 9
#45 - July 2018 Review

Chapter Nine

The ninth instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply by Alberta Whittle
62 1 3
#3 - August 2005 Review

Books: Neal Beggs MoveSideWays

Essays by Huitorel, McLaren & Wright, published by Isthme éditions, 2004