Liz Ligon study now steady live
#70 - December 2023 Review

Parallel Play

Jenny Wu reviews Ligia Lewis’s exhibition study now steady at the Center for Art, Research and Alliances (CARA), New York
#70 - December 2023 Review

Radio Talk

Rebecca Wilcox takes to the air with Glasgow’s Radiophrenia
Andrew Black
#70 - November 2023 Reflection

‘Only the mineral remains’

A commentary by writer, researcher and activist Keir Milburn in response to Andrew Black’s Margaret Tait Commission film, ‘On Clogger Lane’
Caitlin Merrett King libraries
#69 - October 2023 Review

You know it’s not the same as it was:

Caitlin Merrett King attends The Promise of Pleasure, the closing event for Good Bad Books?, a series of workshops and talks organised by Naomi Pearce and Anna Bunting-Branch and held at the Barbican in August/September 2023
Sleepless Hilary
#69 - October 2023 Review

‘As if writing were not sleeping’

Hilary White reviews Marie Darrieussecq’s Sleepless
Public Library1
#69 - October 2023 Project

Public Library

Jacob Hoffman on a new programme of events in a community space hosted by The Dissenter for Space Studies, Edinburgh
Rosie Intro EAF
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF


Guest editor Rosie Roberts introduces her five commissioned responses to Edinburgh Art Festival, 2023
Christian Noelle Charles
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF


Saoirse Amira Anis responds to Christian Noelle Charles’ WHAT A FEELING! Part I, at Edinburgh Printmakers. This is one of a series on the Edinburgh Art Festival 2023, commissioned for MAP by Rosie Roberts
Calvin Image for Map
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF

Calvin & Dorothy Towers

Calvin Z Laing responds to Sean Burns’ work Dorothy Towers as part of an Edinburgh Art Festival 2023 series, commissioned by Rosie Roberts
Girls running in the playground Francis Holland Lower School London 1988
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF

Care with Composition

MAP X EAF guest editor Rosie Roberts, writes to Markéta Luskačová regarding her 2023 exhibition at Stills, Edinburgh
Jupiter Artland
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF

Park Life

Caitlin Merrett King documents Jupiter Rising X EAF Party as part of a series of responses to Edinburgh Art Festival 2023, commissioned by Rosie Roberts for MAP
Nat Raha
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF

Poems as Portals

Phil Crockett Thomas responds to Nat Raha: epistolary (on carceral islands). Part of Rosie Roberts’ Edinburgh Art Festival 2023 series
Tomatoes Eilidh Akilade
#69 - September 2023 Vessel on MAP

Extended to Attract and Repel

Eilidh Akilade finds much to weigh up on her tour of the Edinburgh sewage works with artist Tonya McMullan. The drawing tour was part of Art Walk Porty Festival’s Extended Programme and curated project Vessel
Helen De Main We Want the Moon
#69 - September 2023 Review

Repeat Patterns

New work by Helen de Main & Mandy McIntosh at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. Review by Catherine Spencer
Art Walk Porty 1
#69 - September 2023 Vessel on MAP

Take a Walk

‘A visit to Art Walk Porty, across the two hottest days of the year, feels like every artwork is looking over its shoulder to somewhere else along the coastline, fragments from a whole that is variably very close or out in the distance, like the tide or a toilet flush.’ Timothea Armour puts on her sunscreen.
HUNITI GOLDOX Measuring time by the fall of water 2023
#69 - September 2023 Vessel on MAP


Founder and curator of Art Walk Projects, Rosy Naylor introduces this year’s theme, exploring questions of resilience, care and adaptability in the face of global climate questions. This also marks the continuation of an ongoing editorial partnership with MAP
#13 Spring - March 2008

Elena Filipovic and Adam Szymczyk: Q + A

Steven Cairns talks to 5th berlin biennial (bb5) curators Elena Filipovic and Adam Szymczyk about the city, the biennial concept and the philosophies and ideas around this edition
96 7
#17 Spring - March 2009

Back Page: ‘Brain 2’, 2009

An encoded broadcast on Channel 21, Citizen’s Band. A script by Nathaniel Mellors 
#28 - May 2013

In the Shadow of the Hand : Object 6a

‘Woman Crawling On Hands And Knees’ Virginia Hutchison responds to Sarah Forrest in the sixth segment of their project ‘In the Shadow of the Hand’. The collaboration can be witnessed on MAP as it unfolds
63 1 1
#2 - May 2005 Review

Books: High Noon

Monograph of the work of Simon Patterson, published by the Fruitmarket and IKON, 2005 
26 4
#15 Autumn - September 2008

Emerging: Alan Stanners

Darren Rhymes finds the work of this young Glasgow-based painter full of surreal intentions and growing towards abstract confidence
Joanne Matthews3
#68 - June 2023 Poetry

Plumes of salted air

A poem by Joanne Matthews to accompany their new film ‘at first, and then’
62 2 2
#10 - June 2007 Review

Music: Bauhaus: Reviewed 1919–1933

Reviewed 1919–1933 LTM £10
Ufuoma Essi Bodies In Dissent 3
#61 - April 2021 Review

They lay on the floor like starfish

Ben Nicholson looks into Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2021, Thu 29 Apr-Mon 3 May
Chris  Kraus  Gravity And  Grace 1996   Film  Still 1 1
#30 - November 2013 MAP Reading Group

‘Sick Sick Sick’ : The Books of Ornery Women

A reading project examining a radical or ‘bludgeoned’ subjectivity of women writers | Session One
61 9
#7 - September 2006 Review

Marcel Dzama: Tree With Roots

63 5
#16 Winter - November 2008

Gerhard Richter: Radical Senses

One of contemporary art’s most revered artists, a seminal and inspirational figure for many of his own and younger generations, Gerhard Richter makes paintings with an instinct that is as visually keen as it is intellectually demanding. Keith Hartley looks back at early days in Düsseldorf, in the light of his abstract period and more recent work
59 2
#13 Spring - March 2008 Review

Anri Sala

9 November–22 December 2007, Hauser & Wirth, London
Mapshakohachi  Rgb
#21 Spring - March 2010

Mary Redman

21 August–10 October 2010, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee
#26 - November 2012

Not a Lighthouse

“She thought about deliberately reflecting a mistake, and what form this new mistake would take, and what this new mistake would mean” by Rebecca Wilcox  
63 2 3
#3 - August 2005 Review

Books: Saint Etienne and Ry Cooder

Neil Cooper reviews two volumes—Saint Etienne, Tales From Turnpike House published by Sanctuary and Ry Cooder by Chavez Ravine published by Nonesuch/Perro Verde
Tgm Tr 17
#46 - August 2018 Review


Edinburgh Art Festival: Calum Sutherland considers The Green Man by Lucy Skaer and others at Talbot Rice Gallery, 26 July - 6 October 
#34 - March 2015

Lover of Rock by Joanna Peace

Text developed as part of a MAP writers’ residency supported by Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland.
Geta 3
#39 - August 2017 Review

Notes from Venice

Claire Walsh offers notes from the Venice Biennale ‘Viva Arte Viva’ 13 May - 26 November
Daniela Editorial8
#65 - July 2022
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

Rhythm: the Subtle Noise of Prose, that Road of Many Songs

Project editor Daniela Cascella writes after last month’s commissions by Ella Finer & James Wilkes and Dan Beachy-Quick & Kylan Rice
46 10
#1 - February 2005

Off the Map: Duncan McLaren

Duncan McLaren strikes north in the first of a series of journeys that will take him along the high and low roads of the world in search of art
05030029 29
#57 - May 2020 Mathew Parkin Chronicle

Cottaging The Hedgerow: Part 2

A four part chronicle by Mathew Parkin, foraging queerness and rurality in recent artist moving image
83 1 2
#16 Winter - November 2008 Review

John Latham

2 October–8 November, 2008, Flat Time House, London
Image 1
#36 - December 2015

The Hollow Mountain

Voice in the live performance of Maria Fusco’s, ‘Master Rock’, by Claire Walsh
54 7
#10 - June 2007 Review

Semina Culture: Wallace Berman and His Circle

16 January–31 March 2007, Grey Art Gallery, New York University
11 2
#13 Spring - March 2008

Remarks: The Changing Room

Kirsteen Macdonald on The Changing Room’s new premises
#3 - August 2005


Artists’ journeys, events and spaces compiled by Isla Leaver-Yap 
Imprint 7323
#64 - November 2021 Review

Rooms are shells, they are skins

Rose Higham-Stainton reviews two Munich exhibitions that cut deep imprints into institutional pasts
#4 - December 2005 Review

Books: Wolfgang Tillmans truth study center

Published by Taschen, October 2005 
#48 - February 2019 Review

Crone Music

Philomena Epps reviews Beatrice Gibson at Camden Arts Centre, London, 18 January - 31 March
54 1 3
#7 - September 2006 Review

Hanneline Visnes

24 May–16 Jul 2006, Pump House Gallery, London
17 3
#22 - June 2010

Remarks: No Soul for Sale

Massimiliano Gioni reveals ambitions behind the project on artist groups at the Tate, London.
#4 - December 2005 Review

Books: The Book of David Shrigley

Published by Redstone Press, October 2005 
Screen Shot 2018 12 02 At 17 58 24
#48 - December 2018 Short Story

The Clover Queen

Second in a series of dark fairy tales by Ester Krumbachová, published in conjunction with the exhibition and film programme of the Czech artist’s work at CCA Glasgow.
Maie 1
#27 - December 2012

The End is the Beginning

MAP presents new work by Mhari McMullan & Urara Tsuchiya with score and video edit by Nick Packer
A3 Houtzdale
#43 - April 2018

Prison Landscapes

An excerpt from Hatty Nestor’s forthcoming book on portraits of the incarcerated
Kc Fib Still Crop
#37 - November 2016

Tomorrow is a Season: Search-Play-See

The third instalment of a series of ‘magical correspondences’ with MAP’s archive by Holly Pester