#61 - March 2021 Editorial

NEW ISSUE: blood-on-the-tongue

A short introduction
MAP Optimism Class image 3
#61 - April 2021 Review

Jukebox Jive

Neil Cooper listens in to An Optimism Class: A Jukebox of People Trying to Change the World
Antes do Lembrar
#61 - April 2021 Interview

‘Where did you emerge? What are the creatures like?’

Rhian Williams speaks to Ane Lopez about this year’s Femspectives programme
#61 - April 2021 Review


Fiona Glen reads a new collection, published this week. Quinn Latimer, Laure Prouvost, Charlotte Prodger and Fatema Abdoolcarim are among the 30 contributors
S Tripp books alt
#61 - April 2021 MAP Editions

SECOND EDITION of the Self-Illuminating Pen by Sarah Tripp

Following the success of this writer’s notebook, we are delighted to announce a reprint with new cover artwork by Ciara Phillips
#61 - April 2021 Review

microbursts by Elizabeth Reeder & Amanda Thomson

A review by Loll Jung
Chondrus crispus Köhler s Medizinal Pflanzen 034
#61 - April 2021 Review

Life Without Air

Grace Linden reviews Daisy Lafarge’s collection of poetry
MP DONAK 00359 A 300
#61 - March 2021 Reflection


Edmée Lepercq peers through windows
DUNIH 2017 2 8
#61 - March 2021 Camara Taylor X SBWN

blubber, guts, southern leith

by Nat Raha
Still 1 Ghosts Like Us 1024x716
#61 - March 2021 Review

Archival engagements

A review of films showing at Essay Film Festival 2021, by Andrew Northrop
I1 Irish land League
#60 - March 2021 Essay

Contemporary art can be whatever it wants to be

Delimiting the politics of contemporary art (in relation to a three year long project at the Cooper Gallery, Dundee) by Colm Guo-Lin Peare
Taking back the legistature
#60 - March 2021 Review

We Leave Together

Matt Turner views two films by Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers
Banniere 1 1 1050x518
#60 - March 2021 Review

Drilling Through Hard Boards

Andrew Key reviews Frederick Wiseman’s City Hall (2020) at Glasgow Film Festival
IMG 8910
#60 - March 2021 Review

CAST by Jamie Donald

A response to Sharon Hayes’ ‘Fingernails on a blackboard: Bella’ which was screened at the launch of the year long GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW—Artist Moving Image Festival 2021
There is no evil
#60 - March 2021 Review

Cinema of resistance

Anahit Behrooz reviews Mohammad Rasoulof’s ‘There is No Evil’ at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival
Screenshot 2021 03 02 at 14 07 29
#60 - March 2021 Review

Ocean time

Rhian Williams reviews Minna Dufton’s Big vs. Small at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival
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#60 - March 2021 MAP Project

TENANCY Part 12: Deposit return

by Helen Charman
#13 Spring - March 2008

Report: Customising the New Monument

With the advent of exhibitions underscoring the instability of the monument in contemporary art, Isla Leaver-Yap asks what form monumentality takes in the 21st century
61 2
#18 Summer - June 2009

Haris Epaminonda: Images in Search of Lost Time

Haris Epaminonda’s recent series of Polaroids dovetail reality and imagination. Isla Leaver-Yap investigates
Day Ii 1
#53 - September 2019 New writing series

The Residency: Part 2

James N. Hutchinson’s narrative continues. ‘I stand for a moment and glance around. I can’t see a car. Where could the third child be?’
Hevi Metle1
#55 - February 2020 Review

She says, my body contains blood baths. How will you care for it?

A response by Kiah Endelman Music to Louise Ahl’s Hevi Metle, a durational performance of six hours, six minutes and six seconds which draws on a feminist approach to alchemy. Made in collaboration with Australian choreographer Angela Goh, Glasgow-based artist Michelle Hannah and including an integrated touch tour by Edinburgh-based Juliana Capes, the work was first seen at Tramway, Glasgow and will be re-presented on 12 February 2020 at Baltic.
Jp3949 Final
#23 Autumn - September 2010 Review

Jack Pierson

24 June–7 August 2010, Bortolami, New York
Helen Mccrorie Video Still4
#52 - September 2019 Interview

Helen McCrorie in conversation with Emmie McLuskey

‘Any object can be a toy to a young child. They don’t see boundaries in what you can play with and what you can’t… Play is serious work.’ McCrorie’s new film brings these facts into exquisite focus. Screening at Collective until 6 Oct 2019.
18 1 3
#22 - June 2010

Remarks: SSW

Dr Nuno Sacramento talks about moving to the north of Scotland as director of Scottish Sculpture Workshop. 
Portrait John Baldessari
#55 - February 2020

Hashtag: No More Boring Art

Artist and poet Annie Runkel remembers John Baldessari and teases the life out of boredom
Willow Black
#56 - April 2020 Documentation

Text for a willow

A willow was planted by the River Deveron, in the centre of a solid wood circular bench, near Huntly Aberdeenshire, 31 January 2020. Alice Bain reports from a distance
#45 - May 2018 Review

Chapter One

The first instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply, a collaborative serial fiction project following the exploits of art critic Colin Clout
Bb6  Renzo  Martens 02 300Dpi
#23 Autumn - September 2010 Review

Focus: 6th Berlin Biennale For Contemporary Art

11 June–8 August, 2010, Various venues
56 1 2
#10 - June 2007 Review

Hayley Tompkins and Sue Tompkins

3 February–25 March 2007, Spike Island, Bristol
Stephanie Mann On Permiability and Companionship small
#58 - August 2020 Review

On Permeability and Companionship

Stephanie Mann writes in the second of a series of three artist responses to ‘Strangers’—a new book of essays by Rebecca Tamás, Makina Press, 2020
51 3
#12 Winter - November 2007 Review

Stan Douglas

15 September 2007–6 January 2008, Staatsgalerie & Wurttembergischer Kunstverine, Stuttgart
Divided  Self 1
#39 - July 2017 Review

The Restless Image

Philomena Epps on Rose Finn-Kelcey: Life, Belief and Beyond at Modern Art Oxford, 15 July - 15 October
Paolozzi Panam Bag
#37 - May 2016

GMA A40/2/20/23 A Ford advert. Fainted notes written on it. Illegible. (c1970s)

Neil Ogg responds to the idea of ‘footnoting the archive’ in relation to his recent role as Archivist at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
#5 - January 2006

Commission: Clara Ursitti

Clara Ursitti is an artist based Glasgow who has recently exhibited at Tramway, Glasgow and Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden. She has an upcoming exhibition at CB Studios, New York. (This entry will be completed online by July 2016).
Llag001 09 1 1
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review

Anthony Green

19 November–19 December 2009, Limoncello, London
74 1
#14 Summer - June 2008 Review

Cathy Wilkes

16 April–8 June 2008, Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes
42 Q6321
#23 Autumn - September 2010

In Conversation: Jonathan Horowitz

Steven Cairns talks to the artist about why he is drawn to reckless personalities, vegetarianism, the Holocaust and how art writes history
87 5
#19 Autumn - September 2009 Review

Phil Collins/Bruce Nauman

17 April–31 May, Tramway, Glasgow 
Rhea  Jess
#55 - February 2020 MAP Event

you, there, are you there? | MAP at Glasgow Film Festival 2020

Event over. A programme of short film, artist moving image and performance curated by Rosie Roberts and including work by Rhea Storr, Jessica Higgins, Alex Culshaw and Alison Scott. Wednesday, 4 March, 6pm. CCA Cinema
57 2 1
#13 Spring - March 2008 Review

Luke Fowler & Charlie Hammond

19–24 January 2008, Buccleuch Street, Glasgow
Lux  Aap  Poster  Display
#38 - April 2017


A text by Mike Sperlinger in collaboration with MULTIPLEXING, a cinema event originally presented in south London in 2014 and restaged in Glasgow on 21 March 2017. The programme celebrates the legacy of artist, performer, curator and writer, Ian White (1971-2013) through his influential teaching position with LUX 
51 1 2
#11 Autumn - September 2007 Review

Gillian Wearing

24 March–10 June 2007, Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, Trento
83 1
#17 Spring - March 2009 Review

Ann Veronica Janssens

1 November–7 December, Esther Schipper, Berlin
1 Piece4 By Rocio Chacon 022
#42 - January 2018 Review

Fatal Softness

Henry Broome reviews an exhibition by Pauline Batista and Madeleine Stack at The Koppel Project, London, 17 November 2017 – 6 January 2018
Map Quiet Heat
#37 - November 2016

Quiet Heat: an Introduction

Dave Young introduces ‘Quiet Heat: Archive Machines and War Fever’. Commissioned as part of ‘Footnoting the Archive’, and produced using research conducted during a remote residency at the Artist Run Data Center, run by Servus in Linz, Austria, in late 2015. The extended text is hosted by the Artist Run Data Centre and accessible at
Serbia Copy
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 12: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers’ SERBIA

‘I am a European in a Brexit country, who curated a pavilion of a nation that is in the process of entering the EU but is not yet part of it.’ Response from curator Nicoletta Lambertucci continues our 15 part series.
28 1
#15 Autumn - September 2008

Emerging: Carla Scott Fullerton

Susannah Thompson finds weighty concerns in the work of this young sculptor who is establishing a reputation in Glasgow and further afield
#49 - March 2019


A postscript to mark the close of Issue #49: Couldn’t we just bee?
Wysing Arts Centre More Of An Avalanche 2018 Photo Wilf Speller033
#43 - March 2018 Review

more of an avalanche

Helena Haimes on the group show at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, 11 February - 8 April
58 9
#6 - April 2006 Review

Tropicalia: A Revolution in Brazilian Culture

Barbican, London, 16 February–21 May 2006 
86 1 3
#25 - July 2011 Review

The Erratics

2 March–9 April, Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow
55 9
#6 - April 2006 Review

Luke Fowler

The Modern Insitute, Glasgow, 18 February–18 March 2006