Honey Suckle Company Ica Lower Gallery 14  Photo Jonathan Hordle Pa Wire
#54 - November 2019 Review

Healing Thoughts

William Kherbek reviews Honey-Suckle Company: Omnibus, ICA, London, 2 October 2019 to 12 January 2020
Picture Watercolour Sketch By Mary Ogilvie Davison Right And Wrong Dated 1898
#54 - November 2019 Review

Having failed to get a room in a static caravan: a fragment of a fragment

A dual account of a day at Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival 2019. Alison Scott and Rosie Roberts writing as again+again.
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#54 - November 2019 Review

On Venus

Daniel Fountain reviews Patrick Staff’s new show at the Serpentine Galleries, 8 November 2019 to 9 February 2020
Volgograd Place
#54 - November 2019 Review

The Twin

Esther Draycott responds to the Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2019. 4 October to 24 November
Penetrate Translate Website
#54 - November 2019 MAP Reading Group


A reading group led by Mexican artist Catalina Barroso-Luque. You’re invited to attend the final two Mondays in the CCA Clubroom, 25 November & 9 December at 6.30pm (finish approx 8.30pm)
#54 - November 2019 MAP Reading Group

Vahni Capildeo, Measures of Expatriation

MAP reading group, meeting three. Penetrate: Translate, CCA Club Room, Monday 11 November, 6.30pm
Map Blue Square 01
#54 - October 2019

MAP Reviews Editor

This call out is now closed. Many thanks to all those who have applied. We’ll announce our new Reviews Editor in December.
Berwick 5 Magic Pentacle
#54 - October 2019 Review

Against dialogue, or, we need to sing to mountains

Notes from the 15th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, 19–22 September 2019. By Marcus Jack
#53 - September 2019 New writing series


Anna McLauchlan concludes this season of new writing inspired by residencies at Inshriach Bothy, Cairngorms
Bothy Before
#53 - September 2019 New writing series


Three texts by Sarah Rose. “I remember the score Native by composer Pauline Oliveros which instructs us to, ‘Take a walk at night. Walk so silently that the bottom of your feet become ears.’”
Sian Creature
#53 - September 2019 New writing series


by Siân Robinson Davies. ‘Living alone for the first time, a new side of herself emerges.’
Day Iii 1
#53 - September 2019 New writing series

The Residency: Part 3

James N. Hutchinson’s story concludes. ‘Ultimately, the narratives represented [here] were filtered as a means to address ideas around democracy.’
Day Ii 1
#53 - September 2019 New writing series

The Residency: Part 2

James N. Hutchinson’s narrative continues. ‘I stand for a moment and glance around. I can’t see a car. Where could the third child be?’
Day I 4
#53 - September 2019 New writing series

The Residency: Part 1

James N. Hutchinson’s three-part narrative is situated in and around Inshriach Bothy. ‘What on Earth?… The whippet has no answer.’
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#53 - September 2019 New writing series

Take Yourself Out of Your Usual Structure

Anna McLauchlan introduces a short September season of new writing inspired by residencies at Inshriach Bothy, Cairngorms.
Screenshot 2019 09 19 At 22 49 01
#52 - September 2019 MAP Event

Like an angel passing through my room

Event over. An evening with Jude Browning and Anne-Marie Copestake at CCA Glasgow, 6.30pm, Tuesday 24 September, 2019.
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#6 - April 2006 Review

Fred Sandback

Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 18 March–14 May 2006 
#42 - January 2018 Review

Choreography Concept for Untrained Amateurs

Gordon Douglas responds to a work by performance group, contact Gonzo, at BUoY, Tokyo, 28 - 29 October 2017 
90 1
#17 Spring - March 2009 Review

Katy Moran

28 November 2008–16 February 2009, Mima, Middlesbrough
Katherine Angel  The Blackburn Company12 May 72Dpi
#31 - May 2014

Unmastered, Remastered by Katherine Angel & The Blackburn Company

Curated reading of the book ‘Unmastered / A Book On Desire, Most Difficult to Tell’
Cindy Sherman 1
#52 - August 2019 Review

Cindy, Hanna and Grayson

Neil Cooper reviews three exhibitions in the Edinburgh Art Festival. Cindy Sherman: Early Works, 1975-80, Stills until 6 October. Hanna Tuulikki: Deer Dancer, Edinburgh Printmakers until 5 October. Grayson Perry: Julie Cope’s Grand Tour, Dovecot Studios until 2 November
Screenshot 2019 03 18 At 21 12 58
#37 - April 2016


A footnote by Suzanne van der Lingen, re-published in March 2019 as part of Issue #49, Couldn’t we just bee?
Naked And Practical Cover
#46 - July 2018 Review

Naked and Practical

Amy Todman reviews a new collection of short stories, scenes and fragments by Siân Robinson Davies, published by tenletters
Carol Rama Opera N 11 Renards
#41 - October 2017

A timely encounter

Carol Rama and the uses of biography by Kylie Gilchrist
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#24 - November 2010

Gray Matters

Neil Mulholland examines the life’s work of Alasdair Gray, a Glasgow artist who has chronicled, in words and pictures, the city and the lives of his friends through the lens of a unique imagination
#49 - March 2019 Short Story

Plastic Whale

New fiction from Camilla Grudova
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#53 - September 2019 New writing series

Take Yourself Out of Your Usual Structure

Anna McLauchlan introduces a short September season of new writing inspired by residencies at Inshriach Bothy, Cairngorms.
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#6 - April 2006 Review

Gary Rough

Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, 1 April–6 May 2006 
Ellen Cantor 05
#48 - February 2019 Essay

Hated Sexuality and Pinochet Porn

Georgia Horgan writes about the work of the late Ellen Cantor and this uncompromising artist’s take on the role of the ‘straight’ woman.
#21 Spring - March 2010

Response: Temporary Experts

Joanna Fiduccia reassesses the form of the artist’s lecture in the light of Karen Archey’s feature ‘All Talk, Some Action’ in MAP 20
P29 35 Comission Nairybaghramian Editd2 Cs32
#21 Spring - March 2010

Nairy Baghramian

Baghramian creates an intervention for MAP #21
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#10 - June 2007 Review

Nick Evans

10 March–14 April 2007, Mary Mary, Glasgow
Jk Sink 0643
#46 - August 2018 Review

back in at the deep end

Emma Balkind reflects on SINK by Janice Kerbel, commissioned by The Common Guild and performed at The Western Baths Club, Glasgow
63 2 4
#5 - January 2006 Review

Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing

Published by Phaidon, 2005, ISBN 0714845450
86  Straub  Huillet  Rgb
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review

Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub

13 November–20 December, 2009, Extra City, Antwerp
#37 - July 2016

a childish tune plays a keyboard anthem

A footnote by Aniela Piasecka to ‘Made to be Broken’, a collaboration with Paloma Proudfoot presented as part of Platform: 2016 at Edinburgh Art Festival
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

Scorpio’s Garden

12 October–15 November, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin
51 1 2
#11 Autumn - September 2007 Review

Gillian Wearing

24 March–10 June 2007, Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, Trento
Three Maquettes For Large Sculpture View 1 Web
#38 - April 2017

Caribbean Connections in Scotland

Tiffany Boyle for Mother Tongue, writes on the work of Donald Locke, Aubrey Williams and Frank Bowling
In  These  Troubled  Times 1
#25 - July 2011

Remarks: In These Troubled Times

Jesse Jones and Fiona Marron discuss their Dublin workshops
Megan Rooney Map2017 Trongate2 October2017
#42 - December 2017 MAP Event

Posters take off in Glasgow

A set of 10 posters by Megan Rooney populated the city of Glasgow before and during her solo exhibition and performance at Tramway. Part of the MAP commission 2017.  
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#15 Autumn - September 2008

Emerging: Alan Stanners

Darren Rhymes finds the work of this young Glasgow-based painter full of surreal intentions and growing towards abstract confidence
Mai Zoe  Leonard Thumbnail  April 5 Frame 10
#26 - November 2012

Sun Photographs

Ken Okiishi and Nick Mauss reflect on Zoe Leonard’s Sun Photographs
79 1
#14 Summer - June 2008 Review

Wilhelm Sasnal: The Other Church

11–27 April 2008, 66-68 Osborne Street, Glasgow
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘Dune’: An exhibition of a film of a book that never was

17 September–25 October, 2009, The Drawing Room, London
59 1 2
#5 - January 2006 Review

Nick Evans

Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, 26 November 2005–21 January 2006
23 3
#7 - September 2006

Studio: Callum Innes

With the turps drying on his survey show in September, Callum Innes welcomes Catriona Black and Luke Watson into his busy Edinburgh studio
#14 Summer - June 2008 Review

Joan Jonas

5 April–18 May 2008, Wilkinson Gallery, London
85 7
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review

Stephen Willats

14 November 2009–16 January 2010, Balice Hertling, Paris
#28 - February 2013

Spaces between sound and vision

Neil Cooper investigates a growing interest in sound and art collaborations 
#37 - February 2016

A conglomerate of voices rise up like hidden steam.

Stephanie Mann presents a footnote to Glasgow Sculpture Studios’ exhibition, ‘The transparent tortoiseshell and the un-ripe umbrella’ (23 January – 05 March 2016).
72 At
#42 - December 2017 Review

Cities of Joy

Anna Tudos reviews OFF Biennale, Budapest, 29 September – 5 November, 2017