#64 - November 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras


Our new MAP commissioning editor, Daniela Cascella, introduces the series A Year of Carte Blanche and Other Chimeras. Across twelve months she will bring together new work by writers, philosophers, artists and musicians, punctuated by editorial responses in the form of afterwords. In addition, MAP will continue to publish reviews and other texts
Alison Watt Centifolia
#64 - January 2022 Review

Painted Fragments

Victoria Horne examines new paintings by Alison Watt at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Megan Rudden1
#64 - December 2021 Reflection

The Deepest Gurgle I Ever Heard

Megan Rudden steps into the ‘fabricated ecosystem’ of the Jame St Findlay and Jonny Walker exhibition at Kiosk, Govanhill
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#64 - December 2021 Review

Anam creative and The Alchemy Experiment

Maria Sledmere visits the launch of a new collaborative platform for musicians and artists in Glasgow
Iman Tajik1
#64 - December 2021 Documentation

Bordered Miles: in the footsteps of Iman Tajik

Tom Jeffreys documents the 26 mile walk from Glasgow city centre to Dungavel House detention centre
#64 - December 2021 Review

A Measure of Longing

Enxhi Mandija reviews The Mourning Lines by Tamarin Norwood, MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2021
Hill Mercury Drops
#64 - December 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

-zoic II

by Tomoé Hill
Hill Mica
#64 - December 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

-zoic I

by Tomoé Hill
Skelton1 paris
#64 - December 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

The Book and the Lattice

by Richard Skelton
Daniela Editorial2
#64 - December 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

Editorial Response One: A Lichen, a Spell

Beginning a monthly series, Daniela Cascella transmits her thoughts on recent texts published as part of her year long project for MAP
Lydia sponge 1
#64 - November 2021 Short Story

Being Beside Oneself, 3

The final selection of writing by Lydia Davies
Lydia sponge 3
#64 - November 2021 Short Story

Being Beside Oneself, 2

Part 2 of a selection of writing by Lydia Davies
Lydia sponge 2
#64 - November 2021 Short Story

Being Beside Oneself, 1

Writing by Lydia Davies brings together a selection of short stories and segments from an eponymous essay that explores relational and narrative constructions of self through the transformative potential of souvenirs, grief and voice. Lydia is the recipient of this year’s John Calcutt Prize for Critical Writing, presented by The Glasgow School of Art in collaboration with MAP.
Imprint 7323
#64 - November 2021 Review

Rooms are shells, they are skins

Rose Higham-Stainton reviews two Munich exhibitions that cut deep imprints into institutional pasts
Darroch Lozowski
#64 - November 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

The Unsaid

by Vivian Darroch-Lozowski
ML Dyrness Dreamer II
#64 - November 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

The Dreamer II

by Tristan Foster
ML Dyrness Dreamer I
#64 - November 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

The Dreamer I

by Tristan Foster
Antes do Lembrar
#61 - April 2021 Interview

‘Where did you emerge? What are the creatures like?’

Rhian Williams speaks to Ane Lopez about this year’s Femspectives programme
You Hardboiled You Softboiled Project Image
#39 - August 2017 Review

The Muck of Language

Second in a series of responses to Edinburgh Art Festival, Tessa Berring offers reflections on ‘You hardboiled     I softboiled’ at Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, featuring contributions from Jessica Yu, Sam Riviere, Valerie Norris, Rosalind Nashashibi, Masha Tupitsyn and Claire Walsh, 28 July - 27 August
#26 - November 2012

Not a Lighthouse

“She thought about deliberately reflecting a mistake, and what form this new mistake would take, and what this new mistake would mean” by Rebecca Wilcox  
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#19 Autumn - September 2009

Remarks: Nottingham Central

Alex Farquharson, curator of the new Nottingham Contemporary, talks about the highlights of the year ahead and beyond 
94  Live  Film  Jack  Smith  Rgb
#21 Spring - March 2010 Review

Live Film! Jack Smith! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World

28 October–1 November, various venues, Berlin
Orion Tide
#41 - October 2017 Review

The Weather Makers

Calum Sutherland reviews ‘The Weather Makers’ by Kelly Richardson at Dundee Contemporary Arts, 23 September - 26 November
#20 Winter - November 2009

Artist’s Page: Thomas Hirschhorn

‘Emotional Connections’, 2009
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#58 - August 2020 Essay

Poetry at Large: The poetic and archival practice of Paula Claire

Greg Thomas reviews the artist’s publications ‘Paula Claire, fromWORDtoART: Browsing the Paula Claire Archive; International PoetArtists’ and ‘WordsWorkWonders’
#10 - June 2007

Gustav Metzger: Revolutionary Constructions

Gustav Metzger in conversation with international curator Hans Ulrich Obrist reveals a visionary spirit active both politically and artistically across nearly seven decades. With a busy year ahead, Metzger is preparing to show at skulptur projecte munster
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#16 Winter - November 2008 Review

Matthieu Laurette

1 January–31 December, 2008 Blow de la Barra, London
9 2
#15 Autumn - September 2008

Report: Contemporary Art Writing and it’s environs

Maria Fusco dips into Art Writing definitions and comes up with her own ideas
63 13
#1 - February 2005 Review

City: Berlin

Artist Simon Starling gives the lowdown on life in Berlin
Tgm Tr 17
#46 - August 2018 Review


Edinburgh Art Festival: Calum Sutherland considers The Green Man by Lucy Skaer and others at Talbot Rice Gallery, 26 July - 6 October 
Mai Screen  Shot 2014 11 29 At 12 10 21
#32 - November 2014


Curated by Suzanne van der Lingen | Instalment 1: ‘Voice—Text—Screen’, Peter Rose, Torsten Lauschmann, Allan Hughes
28 3
#20 Winter - November 2009

Emerging: Corin Sworn

Isla Leaver-Yap examines radical narratives in Corin Sworn’s practice
95 1
#19 Autumn - September 2009 Review

Rory Macbeth

26 June Standpoint Gallery, 2009, London
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

Rewind + Play: An Anthology of Early British Video Art

LUX, DVD, 2009, £30
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#58 - September 2020 MAP Project

TENANCY Part 6: Killing Time

by Caitlín Doherty
#23 Autumn - September 2010

Response: Bullshit and Art’s ‘Discursive Turn’

Sean Ashton responds to Joanna Fiduccia’s provocative report on bullshit in MAP #22    
#22 - June 2010

Emerging: Alice Guareschi

Michael Polsinelli uncovers the games and slippery metaphors in the work of this Italian artist
Dsc 2020Edit
#22 - June 2010 Review

Moving Images from the Attic Archive

19 March–18 April, 2010, Cooper Gallery, Dundee
#16 Winter - November 2008

Remarks: Katy Dove

Katy Dove discusses her two year residency at Platform, Glasgow, and how working with community groups has reflected on her practice. 
Agency 0869
#48 - January 2019 Interview

Unmasterable: an interview with James Bridle

William Kherbek interviews the artist, journalist, technologist and author of New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future
S Tripp books alt
#61 - April 2021 MAP Editions

SECOND EDITION of the Self-Illuminating Pen by Sarah Tripp

Following the success of this writer’s notebook, we are delighted to announce a reprint with new cover artwork by Ciara Phillips
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#20 Winter - November 2009

A Report on the Production of Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock

For the past four years Richard Birkett has received JCHP cards, their stark design farming assertions and declarations about art and society. Here, he describes this exclusive postal practice
84 2
#16 Winter - November 2008 Review

Elmgreen & Dragset

12 October–15 November, 2008, Victoria Miro Gallery / Old Vic Theatre, London
Daily Sun
#55 - January 2020 Journal


Artist Nicola Murray found herself bamboozled in Florida at the end of last year.
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#7 - September 2006 Review

Hanneline Visnes

24 May–16 Jul 2006, Pump House Gallery, London
Group 8 small
#58 - September 2020 Short Story


A short story by Hannah Nussbaum
27 8
#3 - August 2005


Ruth Hedges rediscovers the photographs of her father Nick Hedges and visits the Gorbals in Glasgow, an area which he documented in the 60s, to find art on the streets
Picture Cycle
#57 - June 2020 Review

Every film screening, its own kind of love affair

Kaya Erdinç reviews Masha Tupitsyn’s latest book Picture Cycle, Semiotext(e)
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#16 Winter - November 2008

Back Page: Dawood/Deora

#24 - November 2010

Rosemarie Trockel

18 2 2
#22 - June 2010

Remarks: 10 Dialogues

Euan McArthur, one of the curators of 10 Dialogues: Richard Demarco, Scotland and The European Avant Garde, discusses the large-scale project.
Adam  Lewis  Jacob    Collective  Gallery   2017    Photo Credit  Tom  Nolan 31 Sm
#39 - August 2017 Review

Every contact leaves a trace

Anna McLauchlan encourages Adam Lewis Jacob’s ‘Emotional Need’, featuring works by anarchist Donald Rooum, the third commission in Collective’s Satellites programme