Day Iii 1
#53 - September 2019 New writing series

The Residency: Part 3

James N. Hutchinson’s story concludes. ‘Ultimately, the narratives represented [here] were filtered as a means to address ideas around democracy.’
Day Ii 1
#53 - September 2019 New writing series

The Residency: Part 2

James N. Hutchinson’s narrative continues. ‘I stand for a moment and glance around. I can’t see a car. Where could the third child be?’
Day I 4
#53 - September 2019 New writing series

The Residency: Part 1

James N. Hutchinson’s three-part narrative is situated in and around Inshriach Bothy. ‘What on Earth?… The whippet has no answer.’
Locating Image Sm
#53 - September 2019 New writing series

Take Yourself Out of Your Usual Structure

Anna McLauchlan introduces a short September season of new writing inspired by residencies at Inshriach Bothy, Cairngorms.
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#52 - September 2019 MAP Event

Like an angel passing through my room

An evening with Jude Browning and Anne-Marie Copestake. CCA Glasgow, Tuesday 24 September, 6.30pm. Free but ticketed
Gardenlust 10 Image 1
#52 - September 2019 Column

Gardenlust #10: The Slug Murderers

A monthly column by Isabella Streffen
Helen Mccrorie Video Still4
#52 - September 2019 Interview

Helen McCrorie in conversation with Emmie McLuskey

‘Any object can be a toy to a young child. They don’t see boundaries in what you can play with and what you can’t… Play is serious work.’ McCrorie’s new film brings these facts into exquisite focus. Screening at Collective until 6 Oct 2019.
Eternity Knocker2
#52 - August 2019 Interview

Eternity Knocker, as discussed…

Calum Sutherland talks to Andrew Black about Eternity Knocker. Black’s film is showing at CCA Intermedia Fri 9 Aug — Sun 1 Sep, 2019
Corin Sworn
#52 - August 2019 Review

‘Look at your shoes.’

Peter Amoore will travel around Edinburgh in search of artists’ work.
Cindy Sherman 1
#52 - August 2019 Review

Cindy, Hanna and Grayson

Neil Cooper reviews three exhibitions in the Edinburgh Art Festival. Cindy Sherman: Early Works, 1975-80, Stills until 6 October. Hanna Tuulikki: Deer Dancer, Edinburgh Printmakers until 5 October. Grayson Perry: Julie Cope’s Grand Tour, Dovecot Studios until 2 November
Jim Lambie Sticky Fingers 2010
#52 - August 2019 Review

Cut and Paste: 400 Years of Collage

National Galleries of Scotland, Modern Two. Until 27 Oct 2019. Review by Victoria Horne
Albania 2 Copy
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 15: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers’ ALBANIA

‘How can local and other contexts be connected in a relevant way, without becoming simply—and sadly—“global?”’? Curator Alicia Knock ends our 15 part series on Eastern European countries’ participation at the Venice Biennale 2019.
North Macedonia 1 Copy
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 14: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers’ NORTH MACEDONIA

‘Through this act of re-examining the past, I refer to the theories of Marxism and of leftist ideology, discussing those issues openly.’ Artist Nada Prlja responds.
Kosovo 1 Copy
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 13: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers’ KOSOVO

Response from artist Alban Muja. ‘A while ago, I tried to talk to my father about his experience in prison, if I can even call the place he was held a prison, since it was more like a concentration camp…’
Serbia Copy
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 12: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers’ SERBIA

‘I am a European in a Brexit country, who curated a pavilion of a nation that is in the process of entering the EU but is not yet part of it.’ Response from curator Nicoletta Lambertucci continues our 15 part series.
Bosnia 3
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 11: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers’ BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

Artist Danica Dakić: ‘I focus on the city of Zenica, once the symbol of socialist progress, which now faces extreme air pollution and high rates of unemployment.’ Manca Bajec and Isobel Wohl pose their questions.
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#34 - March 2015

MAP Screen | Reading in the Dark

Images from Glasgow Film Festival event curated by Suzanne van der Lingen.
44 12
#7 - September 2006

Edward Summerton: Birds of the Devil

Is it a bird? Is it a book? Colin Martin, aka the Lonely Piper, takes flight with fellow Dundee-based artist, Edward Summerton, on the subject of both. Inspired by Ladybird illustration, Summerton’s book of feathered friends invites nostalgia, mild terror and connections with flu and civilisation. Read on…
#24 - November 2010 Review

Alex Pollard

12 November–18 December, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow
48 1 1
#11 Autumn - September 2007 Review

FOCUS: 52nd Venice Biennale—Reflections

10 June–21 November 2007, Venice
#37 - January 2016


57 texts from ‘edits-while-u-wait’: the free editing service for artists’ writings aimed at exploring the role of the editor in contemporary art. Introduction by Claire Walsh
55 8
#7 - September 2006 Review

Erica Eyres

ROKEBY 17 MAY–20 JUN, 2006, London
Mai Screen  Shot 2015 06 18 At 12 51 28
#34 - February 2015

Voicing the Silences

Essay by Sarah Neely just published in A Feminist Chorus, an 80 page risograph printed bookwork. Purchase from info@mapmagazine.
#50 - June 2019 Review


pounding the pages of Laure Prouvost’s Legsicon (Book Works 2019) with Rosie Roberts
Stephanie  Mann Print3
#37 - January 2016


Louise Briggs, curator of ‘The transparent tortoiseshell and the un-ripe umbrella’, provides an intimate insight into the thought process behind the show which takes place at Glasgow Sculpture Studios 23 January - 5 March 2016 and includes work by Eva Berendes, Stephanie Mann, Rallou Panagiotou, Vanessa Safavi and Samara Scott
28 5
#14 Summer - June 2008

Emerging: Ben Jones

New York comic artist takes zine culture to a deadpan high in a new body of icon paintings
#4 - December 2005 Review

Lucy McKenzie

Metro Pictures, New York 10 September–8 October 2005 
Dsc 3088
#23 Autumn - September 2010

Emerging: Cara Tolmie

Will Holder examines the complex practice of this London-based artist
54 1 2
#9 - March 2007 Review

Brice Marden

29 October 2006–15 January 2007, Museum of Modern Art, New York
Jk Sink 0643
#46 - August 2018 Review

back in at the deep end

Emma Balkind reflects on SINK by Janice Kerbel, commissioned by The Common Guild and performed at The Western Baths Club, Glasgow
59 1 1
#12 Winter - November 2007 Review

Carol Bove

27 September–27 October 2007, Maccarone, New York
Mai Screen  Shot 2017 08 03 At 20 32 55
#39 - August 2017 Review

Learning from Athens

Grace Higgins Brown reviews documenta 14, Athens, 8 April - 16 July 
Agency 0869
#48 - January 2019 Interview

Unmasterable: an interview with James Bridle

William Kherbek interviews the artist, journalist, technologist and author of New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future
Its  Our  Playground  Orange Orange 60Percent Jpg 2017
#40 - October 2017 Review

By Likeness

Lila Matsumoto’s ekphrastic response to ‘Artificial Sensibility’ by It’s Our Playground at Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham, 22 September - 27 October
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#39 - June 2017 MAP Project

Others got wings for flying

MAP commission 2017 by Megan Rooney, curated by Louise Briggs
86 1
#18 Summer - June 2009 Review

Peter Coffin

11 Februar–10 May, Barbican Art Gallery, London
62 2 7
#6 - April 2006 Review

Books: Lost in Space

By Andrew Dodds and published by Book Works Chap Series, 2006
82 1
#17 Spring - March 2009 Review

Langlands & Bell

25 October–13 December, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
Est 2 Copy
#51 - August 2019 Interview series

Part 8: ‘Matter as a Hope of Finding Some Answers.’ ESTONIA

‘Especially in our turbulent political context, being more together, supporting each other, and letting others’ voices complement one another seems more important than ever.’ Director Maria Arusoo, Center for Contemporary Arts, Tallinn.
#29 - August 2013

Notes on Contemporary Art and Anthropology

Part 1: Magic, Value, Gifts and Scams. An essay by Angela McClanahan  
#19 Autumn - September 2009

Stephen Sutcliffe: Come to the Edge

Manipulating original broadcast material from his personal archive, Stephen Sutcliffe creates ‘surfaces which become the site of much-contested truth’. Michelle Cotton investigates these subtle ‘video collages’
#43 - March 2018 Review

Give Up Art

Rebecca O’Dwyer on Maria Fusco’s ‘exciting alongsidedness’ Give Up Art (2018), collected critical writings from 2002-2017, published by New Documents
32 2
#22 - June 2010

Commission: Jimmie Durham

61 1 4
#10 - June 2007 Review

Books: Kara Walker: My Compliment, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love

Edited by Michelle Piranio ISBN 978-3-7757-1932-239
Jatalbot Rice 24Th Oct 2017 09
#42 - January 2018 Review

Spectres of the Deep

Mother Tongue review John Akomfrah’s Vertigo Sea at Talbot Rice Gallery, 21 October 2017 - 27 January 2018
51 3
#12 Winter - November 2007 Review

Stan Douglas

15 September 2007–6 January 2008, Staatsgalerie & Wurttembergischer Kunstverine, Stuttgart
#2 - May 2005

Commission: Walk the Walk Draw the Draw

Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi responds to the word ‘map’ with a clear outline of his world. The MAP Commission publishes new work by an artist each issue
20 1 2
#5 - January 2006

Studio: Ogilvie and Callender

Ruth Hedges and Luke Watson visit the giant studio of Elizabeth Ogilvie and Bob Callender, artists who live by the sea
19 3
#12 Winter - November 2007

Residency: Jane Topping

Steven Cairns talks to Glasgow artist Jane Topping, currently on a year long Scottish Arts Council residency in Amsterdam
#1 - February 2005

Collecting for the Future

Kirstie Skinner examines the Contemporary Art Society distribution scheme which is set to undergo transformation later this year
#14 Summer - June 2008 Review

Joan Jonas

5 April–18 May 2008, Wilkinson Gallery, London
80 1 1
#24 - November 2010

Clément Rodzielski

Joanna Fiduccia unravels enigma and invention in the work of this young French artist