Adrian Piper, My Calling (Card) #1, (1986-1990). Offset lithograph on brown paper; published by Angry Art. Gift of John P. Bowles, Indiana University Art Museum
#45 - May 2018 Editorial

Out of Office Auto-Reply

Editorial: a collaborative serial fiction project following the exploits of Colin Clout—a sixteenth century persona of dissent, here reimagined as art critic
Do Not Make Cover Web 2
#45 - June 2018 MAP Editions

Do Not Make The

A new publication from MAP comprising 15 hybrid essays. Authors include Lisa Robertson, Joanna Walsh and Kate Briggs
Chapter Six
#45 - June 2018 Review

Chapter Six

The sixth instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply by Sarah Tripp & Simon Buckley
One Idea
#45 - June 2018 Review

Chapter Five

The fifth instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply by Suzanne van der Lingen
#45 - June 2018 Review

Chapter Four

The fourth instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply by Susan Finlay
Screen Shot 2018 05 25 At 09 19 41
#45 - May 2018 Review

Chapter Three

The third instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply by Eley Williams
Chapter 2
#45 - May 2018 Review

Chapter Two

The second instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply by William Kherbek
#45 - May 2018 Review

Chapter One

The first instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply, a collaborative serial fiction project following the exploits of art critic Colin Clout
Liberating The Canon
#43 - May 2018 Review

We’re all strangers in someone’s pub

Nasser Hussain reviews Liberating the Canon: An Anthology of Innovative Literature edited by Isabel Waidner, published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe
Installation View Nadia Myre Code Switching And Other Work Curated By Mother Tongue  Courtesy Nadia Myre And Art Mûr  Photo Credit Ross Fraser Mc Lean
#44 - May 2018 Review

GI reviews and responses

Last in a series of reviews and responses to Glasgow International 2018, Maria Howard writes on Nadia Myre at The Briggait, Cross-feed by Gary Zhexi Zhang & Aniara Omann and Self-Service by Kirsty Hendry & Ilona Sagar
War Of The Corners 2018 Torsten Lauschmann Reid Gallery The Glasgow School Of Art  Two Screens Four Automatons  Photo By Mc Ateer 2
#44 - May 2018 Review

GI reviews and responses

Sixth in a series of reviews and responses to Glasgow International 2018, Ari Nielsson writes on Torsten Lauschmann at GSA, ‘i’ The Opera at The Art School and Cabinet Interventions at Pollok House
Peel Eezy The Critic
#44 - May 2018 Short Story

The Tear in the Work Shop, and Post-Office Performance, and the Peel Eezy Review

By The Critic: proudly ghost-written by Andy Grace Hayes. Commissioned by Peel Eezy. All persons fictitious
Ross Birrell The Athens Kassel Ride 2017  The Transit Of Hermes At Cca Glasgow  Photography By Alan Dimmick
#44 - May 2018 Review

GI reviews and responses

Fifth in a series of reviews and responses to Glasgow International 2018 presentations, Calum Sutherland reviews Ross Birrell at CCA, Mark Leckey at Tramway and Michael White at Oxford House
Helen Hester 1
#44 - May 2018 Essay

Xenofeminist Ecologies

(Re)producing Futures Without Reproductive Futurity by Helen Hester (Laboria Cuboniks) philosopher
Nina Power
#44 - May 2018 Essay

Soft Coercion, the City and the Recorded Female Voice

by Nina Power
#44 - May 2018 Review

GI reviews and responses

Fourth in a series of reviews and responses to Glasgow International 2018 presentations, Gordon Douglas responds to iQhiya at Transmission and XSexcentenary at Glasgow Necropolis PLUS an intimate question for Hannah and Jenny are here 4 u
20 2
#18 Summer - June 2009

Remarks: Collective Recipes

Palermo-based artist Aleksandra Mir discusses her new book project. 
Unnamed 2
#43 - March 2018 Review

a new thread, wayward

Rebecca Wilcox responds to Virginia Woolf: an exhibition inspired by her writings at Tate St Ives, 10 February - 29 April
You Are Prouvost
#33 - February 2015


Curated by Suzanne van der Lingen | Instalment 2: Gerard Byrne, Sarah Forrest, Laure Prouvost, Peter Rose | Readings by Laura Edbrook & Sarah Forrest and Suzanne van der Lingen | Screened 25 February. Event images online  
44 5
#17 Spring - March 2009

Hayley Tompkins: Hypothetically Seeing

Joanna Fiduccia visits Glasgow to meet Hayley Tompkins, in whose work she discovers abstraction of an extended, visionary nature
#21 Spring - March 2010

Response: Temporary Experts

Joanna Fiduccia reassesses the form of the artist’s lecture in the light of Karen Archey’s feature ‘All Talk, Some Action’ in MAP 20
Jp3949 Final
#23 Autumn - September 2010 Review

Jack Pierson

24 June–7 August 2010, Bortolami, New York
#45 - May 2018 Review

Chapter One

The first instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply, a collaborative serial fiction project following the exploits of art critic Colin Clout
62 2 1
#13 Spring - March 2008 Review

Music: Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories

Alan Licht ISBN: 978-0847829699 £25
22 7
#3 - August 2005

Journey Three: By Loch Eriboll

Duncan McLaren camps out in the Scottish Highlands on a search for land art and ‘globulites’
Otobongnkanga Press Highres New 5
#42 - February 2018 Review

The Breath From Fertile Grounds

Claire Walsh on Otobong Nkanga’s solo exhibition at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin, 8 December 2017 - 10 February 2018
#4 - December 2005 Review

Jim Lambie—Byrds

The Modern Institute, Glasgow 7 October-11 November, 2005 
Mai Screen  Shot 2013 11 12 At 11 20 50 1
#30 - November 2013


A new collaborative video by Shana Moulton and Lucy Stein
50 3
#17 Spring - March 2009

The Function of Objects

Steven Cairns considers the idea of containment in the spatially connected installation work of Phillip Lai
#40 - September 2017 Review


Mike Saunders on ‘Natural Selection’ by Andy Holden and Peter Holden, at Former Newington Library, London 10 September - 5 November
#2 - May 2005

Judgement Day: Plants, Politics and Art

Francis McKee digs into the politics of seeds, GM and ownership, uncovering the evolving open source software of Simon Yuill and Chad McCail which seeks to challenge the state we’re in
#37 - September 2016


A footnote by Suzanne van der Lingen
53 4
#13 Spring - March 2008 Review

Carol Rhodes

1 December 2007–24 February 2008, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
64 13
#7 - September 2006 Review


The Eurythmics singer, who was recently honoured by both Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama, reveals her artistic passions
Screen  Shot 2017 07 16 At 11 24 08
#39 - July 2017 Review

Fort! Da! notes toward an editorial

Daisy Lafarge introduces a new season of reviews 
53 1 2
#8 - November 2006 Review

Absent without leave—Second Young Artists Biennial

12 October–16 November 2006, Bratianu Palace, Bucharest
Maia 4
#37 - December 2016

The bits of ourselves we leave behind

An essay in fragments by Sarah Neely, with extracts from the archive of Margaret Tait
52 9
#7 - September 2006 Review

Berlin & Bucharest

25 March–5 June 2006, 4th Berlin Biennale 26 May–27 June 2006, 2nd Bucharest Biennale
58 1 6
#7 - September 2006 Review

Douglas Gordon: Timeline

11 JUN–2 OCT, 2006, MOMA, New York
#39 - August 2017 Review

May all of your dreams come true

Anna McLauchlan experiences Ross Little’s ‘The Heavy of Your Body Parts and The Cool Air of the Air Condition’, the fourth commission in Collective’s Satellites programme
Page 7  Nicolas  Party Still Life With Sausages
#23 Autumn - September 2010

New Work Scotland

Collective Gallery director Kate Gray announces the gallery’s dynamic annual programme. Jacob Kerray / Shelly Nadashi 16 October–28 November. Nicolas Party / Catherine Payton 11 December 2010–30 January 2011
56 2 2
#2 - May 2005 Review

The Monarch of the Glen: Landseer in the Highlands

Royal Scottish Academy Building, Edinburgh, 14 April-10 July 
#2 - May 2005


#8 - November 2006

Ice Station Isis

The Canadian duo Fastwürms post their Map Commission from the twin norths of Ontario and Aberdeenshire.
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

In & Out of Amsterdam: Travels in Conceptual Art, 1960-1976

19 July–5 October, MoMA, 2009, New York
#37 - July 2016


P92 1
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

Artists with PhDs

Edited by James Elkins, New Academia Press, 2009, £17, ISBN 978-0-98 18654-5-4
21 2 1
#16 Winter - November 2008

Remarks: Berlin’s New Space

Thomas Eller discusses the new Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin and its significance to the city 
62 9
#5 - January 2006 Review

Books: Journey to the Lower World

By Marcus Coates, edited by Alec Finlay, published by Platform Projects and Morning Star, 2005, ISBN 0 9546831 6 1
60 2 4
#10 - June 2007 Review

Books: Utopia Deferred: Writings from Utopie ( 1967-1978)

Jean Baudrillard ISBN 978-1-58435-033-0 £11.95
58 1 4
#9 - March 2007 Review

Charles Avery, Charles Avery/ Keith Wilson

9 Ocotber–3 December 2006, Cubitt, London / 2 November–16 December 2006, Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd, London