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Contact 1997 dir
#56 - March 2020 Editorial

Staying Close

Contact, proximity and hello
Joan Eardley Flood Tide
#56 - May 2020 Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980

Flood Tide (Joan Eardley)

by Edwin Morgan
Mardi Barrie Summer Rain 1992 copy 2
#56 - May 2020 Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980

Mardi Barrie and her transpositional quest

‘It is not women’s inferiority that has determined their historical insignificance: it is their historical insignificance that has doomed them to inferiority.’ Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex, 1949. Lauren Dyer Amazeen is drawn to the work of this Edinburgh artist
Joan Eardley 2
#56 - May 2020 Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980

she didn’t paint the sea, after Joan Eardley

by Daisy Lafarge
Cordelia Oliver photograph copy
#56 - May 2020 Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980


Susannah Thompson and Marianne Greated introduce a MAP mini series, part of their recently launched, ongoing project Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980
Maypole 2 final copy
#56 - May 2020 MAP Project

TENANCY May Day Parade: Clause iv

Shirking on Rented Space-Time by Nisha Ramayya
Maypole 3 final
#56 - May 2020 MAP Project

TENANCY May Day Parade: Clause iii

Vacancy by Caitlín Doherty
May Pole 2 copy
#56 - May 2020 MAP Project

TENANCY May Day Parade: Clause ii

terra firma/terra infirma by Lola Olufemi
Maypole 1 final
#56 - May 2020 MAP Project

TENANCY May Day Parade: Clause i

A suite of texts by Gloria Dawson
Adam Linder Some Proximity CCA Wattis 2018 Pic unknown SM Al L
#56 - April 2020 Essay

Some Proximity

Text meets the linguistically ambiguous moving body in Jonathan P. Watts’ reflection on his working relationship with dance artist Adam Linder, the space of criticism and the choreography of contemporary art spaces
Aa 2018 06 9 CABINET Ed Atkins 08
#56 - April 2020 Review

Feasting on Words

Language gets swilled about, chopped and chewed, slid around, and spat out, ready to be eaten up again. Sara O’Brien reviews ‘Old Food’, a novel by Ed Atkins
IMG 20200314 135254 MEDIUM
#56 - April 2020 Review

Paradoxical Paintings

In our final review which involved a venue visit, Gwen Burlington visits Pacita Abad, Life in the Margins, Spike Island, 18 January 2020—closed until further notice
Steve Mc Queen Illuminer 2001 SMALL
#56 - April 2020 Review

Feeling Around in the Dark

Rhea Storr visited Steve McQueen at Tate Modern, London before lockdown and found a masterclass in taking care of the dead
Birgit Megerle The Amusement projected slide show at Flourish Nights 2003 Courtesy of Lucy Mc Kenzie
#56 - April 2020 Essay

Seizing the means of projection

Marcus Jack considers thirty years of artists’ moving image exhibition in Glasgow
Gay Bond Video Still 03 Small
#56 - April 2020 Interview

Gay Bond

A film by Lauren La Rose: an estranged father asks his daughter to help him make a homoerotic action movie. The resulting film, which includes interviews with family and former lovers, touches on issues of identity, immigration and social justice. In this special presentation MAP screens Gay Bond online and interviews the artist
Stolen Voices2020 CCA small2
#56 - April 2020 Review

Light Translations

Rebecca Wilcox listens in and responds to ‘Stolen Voices Album Launch’ by Johanna Linsley & Rebecca Louise Collins, CCA, Glasgow
GLARC tape
#56 - April 2020 Audio

Doing It (All) Yourself

Claire Biddles reflects on connections between art and music in Glasgow
Thumbnail Tongues Fatt Rachel 01
#56 - April 2020 Screening


MAP screens a new film by Màiri Lafferty, alongside ‘Polyphonic Repentance’, a text by Holly Yeoman
Willow Black
#56 - April 2020 Documentation

Text for a willow

A willow was planted by the River Deveron, in the centre of a solid wood circular bench, near Huntly Aberdeenshire, 31 January 2020. Alice Bain reports from a distance
#56 - April 2020 Review


Rose Higham-Stainton attends the launch of MOTHER by Studio Morison at Wicken Fen 29th February 2020
Tenancy 1
#56 - March 2020 MAP Project


‘What is a tenancy agreement?’ MAP’s guest commissioning editor Helen Charman begins a new project which invites writers and artists to join her investigation into the nature of renting. Pieces will be published on the 1st of every month for 12 months, beginning here, on April Fool’s day.
Sky 2 800x449
#56 - March 2020 Journal


Herb Shellenberger guides us through a selection of moving-image works newly available for remote viewing
Kirsty MAP 2
#56 - March 2020 Essay

A Maggot - For Freda

Kirsty Hendry considers ‘the flimsy layer that separates one body from another’, as we re-publish her 2018 essay
Img 7812
#56 - March 2020 Review

Ambiguous Heterotopias

James Bell reviews Seized by the Left Hand at Dundee Contemporary Arts
Screen Shot 2020 02 05 at 10 40 40
#56 - March 2020 Review

A Gnostic Romance

Jessica Ramm reviews Alex Impey –Gnostic Cautery at The Hunterian, Glasgow 16th November 2019 – 23rd February 2020
Gwenan Tramway
#56 - March 2020 Review

Improviser’s Rehearsal

Gwenan Davies reviews In Emotia, by France-Lise McGurn in T5 at Tramway
#56 - March 2020 Review

Our World - The World to Come

‘Wayward machines and knotted weeds fill the empty space, move with it, sound across its borders.’ Esther Draycott visits a show at 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow January 2020
#56 - March 2020 Documentation

32, 32

Good Press, Lunchtime and Sunday’s document close proximity and collaboration at 32 St Andrew’s Street, Glasgow
713px Étienne Carjat Portrait of Charles Baudelaire circa 1862
#56 - March 2020 Review

A possible space for the life of a girl

Nell Osborne considers Lisa Robertson’s debut novel The Baudelaire Fractal
Transmediale 2020 press print1
#56 - March 2020 Review

Networks and Their Discontents

William Kherbek visits The Eternal Network, the key group exhibition in transmediale 2020 festivalEnd to End, HKW, Berlin