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#39 - August 2017 Review

May all of your dreams come true

Anna McLauchlan experiences Ross Little’s ‘The Heavy of Your Body Parts and The Cool Air of the Air Condition’, the fourth commission in Collective’s Satellites programme
06  Monira  Al  Qadiri  The  Craft 2017   Installation View
#39 - August 2017 Review

The Craft

Rebecca Bligh visits Monira Al Qadiri’s solo exhibition at Gasworks, 13 July - 10 September
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#39 - August 2017 Review

Inner Other

Henry Broome visits ‘Inner Other’, a group show at Gossamer Fog, London, 29 July - 25 August
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#39 - August 2017 Review

To Those in Search of Immunity

Last in a series of responses to Edinburgh Art Festival, Gordon Douglas takes the latest of Collective’s ‘Oberservers’ Walks’ by Patrick Staff, engaging with Calton Hill’s botanical, queer and historical entanglements 27 July - 27 August
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#39 - August 2017 Review

With the sun aglow, I have my pensive moods

Fourth in a series of responses to Edinburgh Art Festival, Jessica Ramm reflects on Shannon Te Ao’s installation in Gladstone Court, 27 July - 27 August
Charlie  Billingham  Plant  Scenery Of The  World    Inverleith  House   2017  Lrc
#39 - August 2017 Review

Plant Scenery of the World

Third in a series of responses to Edinburgh Art Festival, Catriona Gallagher visits Inverleith House’s new exhibition ‘Plant Scenery of the World’ 27 July - 29 October
Kate  Davis  Finalweb900X470
#39 - August 2017 Review

Nudes Never Wear Glasses

First in a series of responses to Edinburgh Art Festival, Victoria Horne reviews Kate Davis’ solo exhibition at Stills 28 July - 8 October
You Hardboiled You Softboiled Project Image
#39 - August 2017 Review

The Muck of Language

Second in a series of responses to Edinburgh Art Festival, Tessa Berring offers reflections on ‘You hardboiled     I softboiled’ at Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, featuring contributions from Jessica Yu, Sam Riviere, Valerie Norris, Rosalind Nashashibi, Masha Tupitsyn and Claire Walsh, 28 July - 27 August
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#39 - August 2017 Review

Learning from Athens

Grace Higgins Brown reviews documenta 14, Athens, 8 April - 16 July 
Geta 3
#39 - August 2017 Review

Notes from Venice

Claire Walsh offers notes from the Venice Biennale ‘Viva Arte Viva’ 13 May - 26 November
Adam  Lewis  Jacob    Collective  Gallery   2017    Photo Credit  Tom  Nolan 31 Sm
#39 - August 2017 Review

Every contact leaves a trace

Anna McLauchlan encourages Adam Lewis Jacob’s ‘Emotional Need’, featuring works by anarchist Donald Rooum, the third commission in Collective’s Satellites programme  
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#39 - July 2017 Review

Fort! Da! notes toward an editorial

Daisy Lafarge introduces a new season of reviews
Mai Birnbaum
#39 - July 2017 Review

Into the Unknown

Rebecca Bligh reviews Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction, Barbican’s summer exhibition, 3 June - 1 September
Divided  Self 1
#39 - July 2017 Review

The Restless Image

Philomena Epps on Rose Finn-Kelcey: Life, Belief and Beyond at Modern Art Oxford, 15 July - 15 October
#39 - July 2017 Review

For Now / Six Propositions

Elizabeth Reeder responds to a series of performances by Siobhan Davies Dance company at Tramway
#39 - July 2017 Review

this scattering of minds; like seeds

Kirsty Hendry responds to a film screening and Q&A with artist Sulaïman Majali at Transmission Gallery
Mai Aj2
#39 - July 2017 Review

A Series of Utterly Improbable, Yet Extraordinary Renditions

Eliel Jones reviews Arthur Jafa’s exhibition at Serpentine Sackler Gallery, 8 June - 10 September
Alex  Impey    Collective  Gallery   2017    Photo  Tom  Nolan  15
#39 - July 2017 Review

The particular in general

Anna McLauchlan preserves Alex Impey’s ←Term.←Lam.←, the second commission in Collective’s Satellites programme
Ar Diane On Table1
#39 - July 2017 Review

Diane Torr 1948-2017

Giles Bailey offers a personal tribute to interdisciplinary artist, inspirational teacher and drag king, Diane Torr
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#39 - June 2017 MAP Project

Others got wings for flying

MAP commission 2017 by Megan Rooney, curated by Louise Briggs
#39 - June 2017 Review

Writing in Absence

Anna McLauchlan visits ‘Ours’ [1], curated by Grace Johnston, the first of five commissions in Collective’s Satellites programme