MAP proudly hosts the broadcast of L iving with the Promises of
alongside tonight’s live performance by Sarah
Rose and Rebecca Wilcox at SWG3 Gallery, Glasgow As part of Sarah Rose’s exhibition Difficult Mothers, currently on show at SWG3 Gallery, Glasgow, Rose and Rebecca Wilcox will present a new performance and broadcast titled Living with the Promises of Appearances . This new work began with the film Slow Glass by artist John Smith, which proposes the production of glass as a metaphor for processes of transformation in property, industry and labour and the glass product as a signifier for the constancy of change.

Thinking through the properties of glass: transparent, recyclable, breakable, unstable, redundant, the performance prises open what exactly glass might stand for in the present. Living with the Promises of Appearances uses Smith’s structuralist film to further question the representational veneer of language and image, keeping ‘the images open’ and allowing for ‘space to breathe’.

Rose and Wilcox will translate Smith’s moving image form by a process of appropriation. The artists replace the film’s monologue with a dialogue between two people; an attentive and careful reading for differences, as well as a response to the atmospheric effects and the natural and organised features of the original warehouse and the renovated SWG3 building.

The performance will be simultaneously broadcast by MAP.