Issues / #24 Winter 2010

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#24 - December 2019 From the archive

Gray Matters

To celebrate the brilliant life and work of Alasdair Gray, who died on 29 December 2019, we republish an article from 2010 by Neil Mulholland that examines the life’s work of the Glasgow artist/writer who chronicled, in words and pictures, the city and the lives of his friends through the lens of a startlingly unique imagination
Maelfa Still Web
#24 - November 2010

Sean Edwards and The Maelfa

Artist Sean Edwards reflects on The Maelfa, a shopping centre on the outskirts of Cardiff and focus of Edwards’ new exhbiition. The artist considers the building in relation to its historical and social functions as well as its current decline as a ‘ruin in reverse’
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#24 - November 2010

Guy de Cointet

Giles Bailey meets Marie de Brugerolle to talk about the renewed interest in the avant-garde artist’s surreal performances
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#24 - November 2010

Lost in Translation: Do you see what I read?

by Matt Keegan
Jellotime  Kopie
#24 - November 2010

Report: Internet Art in the Present Tense

Karen Archey examines the rise, fall and rise of art and information technologies
Edinburgh  Sculpture  Workshop  Creative  Laboratories
#24 - November 2010

Sculpture Haven

Irene Kernan, director of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop announces a big step forward for the organisation
New  Premises 1
#24 - November 2010

S1 Artspace

S1 Artspace Curator Louise Hutchinson discusses the history of S1’s gallery and studios and the move to a new venue
Filliou Back Wall2
#24 - November 2010

The Artist ’s Institute

Anthony Huberman discusses the opening of a new institution
St Peters Earlydays2
#24 - November 2010


Angus Farquhar, creative director of Glasgow-based public art agency NVA, looks to secure the future of the abandoned, yet inspirational, St Peter’s Seminary
#24 - November 2010


Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan, the curators behind Panel, a recent design initiative based in Glasgow, discuss upcoming projects
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#24 - November 2010

Embedded Art and the Perils of Patronage

Former artist Sean Ashton strays into the realms of patronage—and gets more than he bargained for
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#24 - November 2010

Clément Rodzielski

Joanna Fiduccia unravels enigma and invention in the work of this young French artist
#24 - November 2010

Language To Be Looked At

Isla Leaver-Yap on the books of BS Johnson
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#24 - November 2010

The Lighter Side of Psychedelia, Pareidolia and Stroboscopy

John Calcutt navigates through the films and recent sound works of Glasgow-based artist Stuart Gurden
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#24 - November 2010

In conversation: Tom Burr

American sculptor Tom Burr talks to Steven Cairns about ‘the persona of the artist’, being catagorised within genres, and the influence of great cities on his practice
#24 - November 2010

Shahryar Nashat

For this issue’s MAP Commission, Shahryar Nashat explores the mediation and negotiation of desire by attentively co-opting the syntax of magazine display
#24 - November 2010

In Production: The Serving Library Company, Inc.

Statement of intent (draft)
#24 - November 2010

In Production: Christine Borland

Dominic Paterson finds the artist in production at Glasgow Sculpture Studios
#24 - November 2010

Emerging: Audrey Reynolds

Gemma Sharpe probes the mixing of incidental and appropriated materials in Audrey Reynolds’ paintings and installations
#24 - November 2010

Emerging: Patrizio Di Massimo

Rebecca Geldard looks at the work of this young Italian artist
#24 - November 2010

Rosemarie Trockel

#24 - November 2010

Editorial MAP 24

#24 - November 2010 Review

Map Marathon

16–17 October, Serpentine Gallery, London
#24 - November 2010 Review

Paul Thek

21 October–9 January, Whitney Museum, New York
#24 - November 2010 Review

The Duvet Brothers

5–19 November, Visual Research Centre, Dundee
#24 - November 2010 Review

Books: Katinka Bock

Sabeth Buchmann, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Kim West, Paraguay Press, Paris, 2010, £22, ISBN 978-2-918252-03-0
#24 - November 2010 Review

Show and Tell—A Chronicle of Group Material

Edited by Julie Ault, Four Corners, 2010, £22.50, ISBN-13: 978-0956192813
#24 - November 2010 Review

Elizabeth McAlpine

26 October–20 November, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London
#24 - November 2010 Review

Keith Farquhar

1 October–4 December, Studio Voltaire, London
British  Art  Show 7 Installed At  Nottingham  Castle 2010 Credit  Alexander  Newton5
#24 - November 2010 Review

British Art Show 7: In the Days of the Comet

23 October–9 January, various venues, Nottingham
#24 - November 2010 Review

Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965–1980

11 September–28 November, University of Toronto Art Galleries
#24 - November 2010 Review

Adrian Piper

23 October–11 December, Elizabeth Dee, New York
#24 - November 2010 Review

Yves Netzhammer

5 November–27 February, Kunstmuseum, Bern
#24 - November 2010 Review

Exhibition, Exhibition

21 September–9 January, Castello di Rivoli, Turin
#24 - November 2010 Review

Alex Pollard

12 November–18 December, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow
#24 - November 2010 Review

Marc Camille Chaimowicz

31 October–6 February, Inverleith House, Edinburgh
#24 - November 2010 Review

Focus: Manifesta 8

9 October–9 January, Region of Murcia, Spain
#24 - November 2010 Review

Focus: 29th São Paulo Biennial

“There is always a cup of sea to sail in” 25 September–12 December, various venues
#24 - November 2010 Review

The Portable John Latham

Edited by Antony Hudek and Athanasios Velios, Occasional Papers in association with Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2010, £12.50,                                                   ISBN 978-0-9562605-5-0