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#32 - November 2014 Essay


Essay by Suzanne van der Lingen
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#25 - July 2011 Essay

Lisa Oppenheim: Accidental Networks

Artist Lisa Oppenheim examines rhizomatic research in this MAP artist text
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#42 - January 2018 Essay

The Engagement Party

Aniela Piasecka and Paloma Proudfoot share a text from their recent performance at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
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#43 - March 2018 Essay

Eyes on the Street

New writing from Martin Cathcart Froden on carceral architecture, satellite mapping, knitting in prison, shark species and the correct spelling of ‘dyslexia’ 
We Who Are About To
#44 - April 2018 Essay

We Who Are About To… Introduction

Project curator Deborah Jackson invites a reimagining of the future
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#44 - April 2018 Essay

“More generous and more suspicious”

Anna Bunting Branch examines Feminist SF as a worldbuilding practice 
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#44 - May 2018 Essay

Xenofeminist Ecologies

(Re)producing Futures Without Reproductive Futurity by Helen Hester (Laboria Cuboniks) philosopher
Nina Power
#44 - May 2018 Essay

Soft Coercion, the City and the Recorded Female Voice

by Nina Power
#47 - September 2018 Essay

Reader’s Digest

Kirsty Hendry on the gut-brain axis
Mostly No Ipad Version Copy
#47 - September 2018 Essay

Mostly No

Sarah Bernstein reflects on solitary women in the fiction of Muriel Spark
#47 - September 2018 Essay

Survival Kit

An essay by Olivia Scott-Berry in response to The Land+The People, reflecting on deep time, eerie geology and methods of bearing witness
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#48 - November 2018 Essay

a weakness for raisins

Ahead of an exhibition of Ester Krumbachová’s films and archive at CCA, Francis Mckee introduces the life and work of this key figure in Czech New Wave cinema
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#48 - December 2018 Essay

Dark Chambers, Fever Dreams: Artists’ Moving Image and the Gothic Landscape

An essay by Marcus Jack
176 Anni Albers Rug 1959
#48 - December 2018 Essay

an almost obsolete species

Felix Bazalgette unpicks a major exhibition of Anni Albers’ work at Tate Modern, London, 11 October 2018 - 27 January 2019
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#48 - February 2019 Essay

Hated Sexuality and Pinochet Porn

Georgia Horgan writes about the work of the late Ellen Cantor and this uncompromising artist’s take on the role of the ‘straight’ woman.
#49 - March 2019 Essay

A golden interweaving link

Anna McLauchlan visits the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, Dundee
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#56 - March 2020 Essay

A Maggot - For Freda

Kirsty Hendry considers ‘the flimsy layer that separates one body from another’, as we re-publish her 2018 essay
Birgit Megerle The Amusement projected slide show at Flourish Nights 2003 Courtesy of Lucy Mc Kenzie
#56 - April 2020 Essay

Seizing the means of projection

Marcus Jack considers thirty years of artists’ moving image exhibition in Glasgow
Adam Linder Some Proximity CCA Wattis 2018 Pic unknown SM Al L
#56 - April 2020 Essay

Some Proximity

Text meets the linguistically ambiguous moving body in Jonathan P. Watts’ reflection on his working relationship with dance artist Adam Linder, the space of criticism and the choreography of contemporary art spaces
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#58 - August 2020 Essay

Demystification Through Participation

Theo Carnegy-Tan considers Ruth Beale’s call to engage, belong, and re-common the commons
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#58 - August 2020 Essay

The desktop: a place where writing happens

Rebecca Gill scrolls through the desktop’s pleasantly tenuous invasive implications and the intimacy of the gaze
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#58 - August 2020 Essay

Poetry at Large: The poetic and archival practice of Paula Claire

Greg Thomas reviews the artist’s publications ‘Paula Claire, fromWORDtoART: Browsing the Paula Claire Archive; International PoetArtists’ and ‘WordsWorkWonders’
I1 Irish land League
#60 - March 2021 Essay

Contemporary art can be whatever it wants to be

Delimiting the politics of contemporary art (in relation to a three year long project at the Cooper Gallery, Dundee) by Colm Guo-Lin Peare
#62 - June 2021 Essay

‘I wasn’t looking back, we could hardly see ahead.’ The Chileans who came to Hull

Tom White explores the relationship between Chilean refugees and Hull in the 1970s
#63 - September 2021 Essay

A Feminist in Love

Nadine El-Enany considers Paula Rego
Phases of Matter2
#63 - September 2021 Essay

The intimate boundaries of Istanbul

Helen Mackreath explores the city through three films
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#66 - August 2022 Essay

Airing Laundry Part 1

The first of a two part exploration by Rose Higham-Stainton into domestic laundry in art-making, from feminist protestations of the late seventies to contemporary art practice
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#66 - September 2022 Essay

Airing Laundry Part 2

Rose Higham-Stainton considers the mechanisation of laundry from the perspectives of Kate Bush’s washing machine and an exhibition by Hendrickje Schimmel at Camden Art Centre
Kirkton campus
#67 - April 2023 Essay

Space left over after planning

Alison Scott introduces Rachel McBrinn’s film Are you going my way? and publication Winding Up Body, works that have emerged from a research-led residency with Rhubaba