Issues / #63 Crossing the Celestial Equator

Atonal Cyprien Gaillard Ghost Dance
#63 - October 2021 Review

‘Non-Negotiable Condition’

Sarah Messerschmidt reviews Metabolic Rift at Berlin Atonal
Valentines Day and Candy at Einsteins as part of the GWL Welcome Wall display
#63 - October 2021 Review

Art work

James Bell reviews Life Support: Forms of Care in Art and Activism at the Glasgow Women’s Library
Caroline walker laundry sorting morning december 2021
#63 - October 2021 Review

Private Sectors

Jamie Limond reviews Caroline Walker: Windows at KM21, The Hague
Little Palestine 04
#63 - October 2021 Review

Little Palestine

Elhum Shakerifar reflects on Abdallah Al-Khatib’s poetry and film
Phases of Matter2
#63 - September 2021 Essay

The intimate boundaries of Istanbul

Helen Mackreath explores the city through three films
#63 - September 2021 Review

Hobbyhorses: On Maggie Nelson

Christopher Law considers On Freedom: Four Songs of Care and Constraint (2021)
Alternative Economies still 01
#63 - September 2021 Review

Tax the Rich

Caitlin Merrett King visits Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival 2021 and considers the economics at play in the work of Ane Hjort Guttu, Rehana Zaman and Jordan Lord
Katie Schwab living with Nicole Morris
#63 - September 2021 ‘Living With’

Katie Schwab Living With Nicole Morris

Part 6 of Living With: 6 artists, 6 homes
Nicole Morris living with Alicia Reyes Mc Namara
#63 - September 2021 ‘Living With’

Nicole Morris Living With Alicia Reyes McNamara

Part 5 of Living With: 6 artists, 6 homes
Alicia Reyes Mc Namara living with Maria de Lima
#63 - September 2021 ‘Living With’

Alicia Reyes McNamara Living With Maria de Lima

Part 4 of Living With: 6 artists, 6 homes
Maria de Lima living with Onyeka Igwe
#63 - September 2021 ‘Living With’

Maria de Lima Living With Onyeka Igwe

Part 3 of Living With: 6 artists, 6 homes
Onyeka Igwe living with Kira Freije
#63 - September 2021 ‘Living With’

Onyeka Igwe Living With Kira Freije

Part 2 of Living With: 6 artists, 6 homes
Kira Freije living with Katie Schwab
#63 - September 2021 ‘Living With’

Kira Freije Living with Katie Schwab

Part 1 of Living With: 6 artists, 6 homes
Ill feelings
#63 - September 2021 Review


Kirsty Hendry responds to Alice Hattrick’s new book Ill Feelings
#63 - September 2021 Editorial

Editorial: Crossing the Celestial Equator

A mini MAP season for autumn
#63 - September 2021 Essay

A Feminist in Love

Nadine El-Enany considers Paula Rego