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Head: A. Jestem ogromnym jajkiem w koszulce z przeszłosci, przysłanym tutaj by zniszczyc wasze problemy.Artist: It’s amazing really, that I’m able to do these things.

‘Head’ is irritable, impatient—witches missive to Channel 19.
Very close together:
The Artist’s sudden comprehension of HEADS WORD.
The Artist’s spontaneous confusion of HEADS WORD with his own ideas. Head: “I am an enormous scotch-egg from the past, sent here to destroy your problems.”Artist: Wow! that’s a cool title. that’s—to do—with: processed food and the collapse of communism! Where’s my biro? I can draw this out. I can’t. I don’t have a biro. I have not used a biro in 5 years.
McBook. Book. Names, names… what to call this thing? Well, it’s basically redundant now, it’s superceded. It’s old technology. I have superceded it. But—I like it because of that! I mean—Head:<thunderous> SAMO DEFINICJE UMYSŁU / ZRÓDŁO!!!Artist: And its only got one lip…and that’s a PIPE CLEANER! <chuckles to himself> I’d like it to just jiggle up and down a bit. If I can make it…erk!! – ‘SELF_DEFINITIONS OF MIND / THE SOURCE!’
<raises hands to temples> My head hurts! Wow—it’s
REALLY hurting!
<quietly> ’Mind sauce’….that could be good. could it?
No—it evokes pornography. No it ‘references’ pornography, maybe? or it IS pornography perhaps?

Head: a. Zdolnosc do zdobywania i stosowania wiedzy. <*Sygnał!> Zdolnosc myslenia i rozumowania.
c. Wyzsze siły.

Artist: <more enthused> I’ll just pick one. of course, the irony with this is, that if I make this one flap about a bit then people will like it more than the proper one! Because it’s pathetic!
Are people pathetic? I’m a people person, but unpopular. An unpopular people person—Unpersonable Number one. I know, I’ll call it ‘Number one—the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge’ or ‘BeeP!—the faculty of thought and reason with superior powers!’
No—the aesthetics of post-communist misery are easily corrected—arrange the xmas tree lights more evenly.” that’s got some nouse, that. It’s both fast and bulbous! that will make them laugh, down in Nova Huta.

Stage direction: the first cancerous cell divides in body. Head: K. Inteligentna bezcielesna istota, szczególnie anio∏.Artist: <scratches side> Wha…? I thought I had something there. But it’s gone. It’s gone. What-am-I-going-to-do?
I know—I’ll call it ‘Trevor’! I’ll call it Trevor something’ wait—Tervor…? that sounds more robotic. Alien, even. less obvious. ‘The Tervor 7’. ‘The Tervor 700 system’!
<A capillary bursts in the artist’s eye. It reddens>
Owww! Jesus!!!Head: Tajna informacja, zw∏aszcza o faktycznym lub potencjalnym wrogu.

Artist: <rubbing red eye> What I meant to say was ‘secret information,
especially about an actual or potential enemy’.

Head: Była teraz ludzka osoba ktora gdzies tu w srodku sie znaduje. Mysmy zaprojektowali ten umysł, oni mieli sklonowac moja tkanke, to sie wszystko pomiesza z jakimis przewodami i składnikami ceramicznymi.

Artist:<stiffly, gazing into lap> Is it too long? Is it too pretentious? Anyway, this head, it was meant to be a girlfriend when I started it! It looks like a man now. All faces without skin look male, don’t they? Why is that? I know—‘All skulls are the skulls of men!’

Head: To jest ostrzezenie ziemskie od przyszłego odwróconego oblicza kultury—bedziecie musieli stanac przed obliczem rzezby—zgrozy, na przyklad:

Artist:<both the artist’s eyes burst> Ahhhh! W.t.F.? Bloody hell! Trevor! TRVR? Now how am I going to finish the script?

Head: Pomy ka pomy ka pomy ka xxx.

Stage direction: Artist expires through bleeding eye holes.

Nathaniel Mellors is an artist based in London and Amsterdam. Mellors is co-founder of Junior Aspirin Records