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#2 - May 2005 Review

Briony Anderson

Ivy Buchanan’s, Banff, 14–28 March  
#23 Autumn - September 2010

Dance and Conversation

Choreographer Yvonne Rainer talks about her visit to Glasgow
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

Dance With Camera

11 September 2009–21 March 2010, ICA, Philadelphia
#39 - July 2017 Review

For Now / Six Propositions

Elizabeth Reeder responds to a series of performances by Siobhan Davies Dance company at Tramway
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#23 Autumn - September 2010

In Production: Discoteca Flaming Star

Anita Di Bianco interviews Cristina Gómez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer
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#23 Autumn - September 2010

Kelly Nipper: Composing Movements

Joanna Fiduccia explores a practice that reconnects movement with myth
Mai The  Animated
#28 - May 2013

MAP Screen | Dancing With Myself

Debi Banerjee’s programme for MAP Screen concludes with ‘The Animated’ by Darren Banks
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#28 - February 2013

MAP Screen | Dancing With Myself

‘Dance (All Night, Paris)’ by Melanie Manchot was part a programme guest curated by Debi Banerjee. Its run is now over, but a text remains to view here.
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#26 - November 2012

MAP Screen | Dancing With Myself

Miranda Pennell’s ‘Human Radio’ was the first film shown in a programme curated by Debi Banerjee for MAP Screen. Its run is now over but a text remains to view here.
#36 - December 2015

Ortonandon: Three Go Adventuring Again

Deborah Jackson’s essay examines Three Go Adventuring Again, a two-video installation by Ortonandon—sisters Katie, Anna and Sophie Orton. Accompanied by props inviting participation, ‘Family Patterning’ and ‘How to Die’ were first exhibited in August 2015 at Summerhall, Edinburgh. 
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#19 Autumn - September 2009 Review

Silke Otto-Knapp

4 July–13 September, 2009, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford
#38 - January 2017 Review

Style Lines

Tiffany Boyle reviews the The Inventors of Tradition II
Gff Es War Hart 3
#42 - February 2018 Event

The Body in Motion // In Motion, Glasgow Film Festival 2018

Glasgow Film Theatre, 10 June (rescheduled from 1 March), 7.45pm. Screening includes work by Maya Deren, Anna Hoetjes, Aideen Doran and  Margaret Tait
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#27 - December 2012

The End is the Beginning

MAP presents new work by Mhari McMullan & Urara Tsuchiya with score and video edit by Nick Packer