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‘Bodies, Proximity and Place’, commissioned by editor-in-residence Hatty Nestor this spring/summer, was celebrated at CCA, Glasgow on Friday 14 October, 2022.

The project brings together the work of eleven writers, all of whom explore questions and themes of embodiment, connection, dislocation and time.

The collected texts work through experiments in language, art, cultural phenomena and writing-as-practice. Texts are by Anna Walsh, K Patrick, Bryony Bodimeade, Caitlin Merrett King, Theo Hynan-Ratcliffe, Bryony White, Kirsty Dunlop, Rosie Woodhouse, Wes Knowler, Francis Jones and Lisette May Monroe.

The event included readings from Francis Jones, Anna Walsh, K Patrick, Theo Hynan-Ratcliffe and Wes Knowler. It was also accompanied by a screening of Sandra Lahire’s Arrows (1984), which was the subject of a piece by one of our commissioned contributors.

Hatty would like to offer her many thanks to Phoebe Kerr for the exciting pamphlet design, which will be distributed in early 2023.