“For two years, I have been working on a range of projects involving school groups, a mental health group and a youth music group, all of which have linked closely to my own artistic practice, which has continued alongside these projects. Ideas have bounced back and forward between these different ways of working. Together we have explored ideas relating to sound, movement, personal places, pattern and shape.

During this period I have developed more collaborative and communicative ways of working in my own practice and this process has undoubtedly been influenced by working with these groups.

Platform has provided the facilities and support to carry out this work in an inspiring new building. This exhibition will include two films by me, eight films made by members of Positive Mental Attitudes, a film with choreography by pupils from Wellhouse Primary School, a web project by Simon Yuill and me, and drawing, painting and photographic work.

The eight films made by Positive Mental Attitudes recently won first prize in the innovation section at the Scottish Mental Health Art and Film Festival, and we are currently looking into securing funding to run a follow up project. “

Katy Dove is an artist based in Glasgow Katy Dove, Rhythm Section, Platform, Glasgow, 1 November–6 December