Venue | SWG3 Gallery, 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow, G3 8QG

Preview | 10 June, 7-10pm (afterparty 10pm-late) Opening times | 11 June-26 June, Wednesday—Sunday 12-5pm
(or by appointment)

SWG3 Gallery present ‘Difficult Mothers’, an exhibition of new sculpture, audio and print works by artist Sarah Rose. ‘Difficult Mothers’ explores ideas of precarity; focusing on how the body is affected by its environment and how the human body or ‘body’ of humanity relates to its ecosystem. In particular, the exhibition focuses on melancholia, exhaustion and a synchronic fixation of finding ‘your own voice’ and broadcasting ones life.

As in previous works, for ‘Difficult Mothers’, Rose adopts different ways of thinking about and relating to material and image. Like the logic of children’s games which mix structural rules and patterns with chance and the imaginary, Rose’s works toy with form, care and modes of address and recode approaches to materials, image making, duration, and the spoken word.

The exhibition takes its name from writer and critic Arne De Boever who uses the term in reference to a wider discussion made by social activist Naomi Klein on our concepts of mothering following our uncertain and dangerous relationship to climate.

Difficult Mothers developed from a year long dialogue with curator and artist Alexander Storey Gordon and is presented alongside a publication, a workshop and the late night live broadcast titled ‘Living with the Promises of Appearances’ created in collaboration with artist Rebecca Wilcox and presented on MAP.