My practice is simple, direct and instant. I reduce complicated events to single images. I do clear stories out of complicated stories. I cut the crap. I use humour to induce communication. I do not make fun. I am not cynical. I laugh seriously. My practice is constant and continuous. I say what I have to say. I profit as much as possible from the freedom allowed in the art territories. I do indoor graffiti. It looks like a cartoon but it is not. It is a contemporary fresco. All about politics and social engagements. While drawing the world I get to understand it. I work site specific and time specific. Here and now. When a piece ends and the drawing is erased I do another piece some other place. From one wall to another. From one newspaper page to another.

Anything can be subject of my drawing … even you.

Dan Perjovschi worked off-site with the Collective Gallery during the 2004 Edinburgh International Festival, when a special newspaper collecting together his festival-inspired drawings was produced by the gallery and given out free round the city. He has also contributed to the second issue of the Glasgow-based Beagles & Ramsay fanzine Uncle Chop Chop, produced in a limited edition (complete with faux leather-bound cover with gold skull medallion) in March 2005.