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Photo: Pablo Llopis

The Self-Illuminating Pen lit up MAP in August 2020 as a series of letters and specially commissioned films by Isobel Lutz-Smith. mapmagazine.co.uk/inde…

The accompanying notebook was first published in November 2020 by MAP Editions in a print edition of 100. With cover artwork by Ciara Phillips, it contained 5 letters, 5 new writing exercises by Sarah Tripp and over 100 blank pages. ISBN 978-0-9931424-6-8

Like the first, this new edition is available from MAP free of charge. However we have a very short print run. Please contact alice@mapmagazine.co.uk on availability if you would like to receive a copy.


Guitar! (Bookworks 2020) by Sarah Tripp, inspiration for TS-IP, was also recently published. It describes the contours and conditions of writing—interrupted, in flashes, or in restless moments through the night. A narrator listens; as a child learns to speak there is a re-acquaintance with the strangeness of putting a feeling into words. There is a yearning for meeting and an idea of love or companionship as a sense of being met. Reading is punctuated by a series of black and white images of buskers, photographed by Francis McKee in Glasgow. Cover artwork by Ciara Phillips. Supported by Creative Scotland and Glasgow School of Art. To purchase or receive more information go to www.bookworks.org.uk/n…


Sarah Tripp is an artist, writer and lecturer based in Glasgow. She lectures in Scotland and the United Kingdom and guest lectures at international universities. Her work has been published by Book Works (London), F.R. DAVID (Berlin), 2HB (Glasgow), Space Poetry (Denmark) and The Happy Hypocrite.

Isobel Lutz-Smith is a Scottish moving image artist based in Glasgow. In 2016 she graduated from the Master of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, as part of this programme she spent an exchange semester in Tokyo. Her work will feature in an upcoming issue of the Drouth.