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In residence at MAP this year, as Review and Project Editors, Rosie Roberts and Alison Scott have driven a steady course through space. Their extensive programme, beginning in February and completed November 2020 (with a handful of articles still to come next year), has spanned galaxies of thought, imagination, ideas and research. Mostly, and unexpectedly, during uncharted times.

They addressed Collisions in Issue 59. They Shifted Hosts and Orbited Moons in Issue 58. Flickered in the Store-cupboard of Issue 57. And Stayed Close in Issue 56.

While rooted in the creative site, the city of Glasgow, they have navigated their course during a global pandemic and scanned the stars to find new pathways and people. It’s been an exciting ride for readers and contributors alike.

Laura Edbrook and I, co-editorial directors at MAP, would like to take some time to thank them for their dual, dedicated, warm-hearted editorial approach, for presenting such a wide searching array of contribution to the platform and for steering their programme with unflinching determination. Their seasons mark an unsettling year and give focus to some of the many issues that have punctuated that time.

An era ago, at the end of 2019, Rosie and Alison had proposed the idea of a MAP summer fete, a gathering of past and present MAPpers with fizz and perhaps a very high tea. Of course it didn’t happen, but in new form, they hosted a friendly, insightful gathering on Zoom with a programme of live presentations. Perhaps, in 2021, we can revive the ‘summer fete’ at a time when we can meet and freely blether together. Though Rosie and Alison are leaving us for now, we’d like to keep this idea alive.

MAP’s aim is to provide a platform for both emerging and experienced writers and editors. Long term guest editorial projects like this one have been a cornerstone feature of our work in recent years and we’re proud to add Rosie and Alison’s stellar programme into this growing community. We wish them all the best for the many exciting editorial journeys ahead.