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Kate Davis, installation view, ‘Waiting in 1972; What about 2007?’, 2007, Art Basel, Basel/Faith Wilding, performing, ‘Wait-With’, 2007, Contemporary Art Institute, Geneva

This collaboration explores how the history of our separate art practices come together to illuminate, and learn from, feminist concerns and legacies in a way that is both pertinent to the present and aware of the need to think ahead to Glasgow international 2010.

‘The Long Loch’ encompasses plans for a day-long symposium, ‘an archive room of our own peculiar resources’ (to quote Yvonne Rainer), a collaboration with the Glasgow Women’s Library who will inhabit a reading space in the CCA with part of their collection during the exhibition, and installations by ourselves.

In order to explore the question of how we have gone on, how we do go on now, and how we dream/desire to go on in the future in response to a feminist heritage, we have invited a wide range of co-inspiritors to select up to three starting points in relation to ‘feminist lines of flight in art and politics’. These suggestions, whether of texts, audio/video, film-clips, or images, will be made publicly available through the CCA website and will be printed in a lo-fi publication. The points will also provide a starting point for a network of reading groups leading up to and during the exhibition.

Anyone initiating a reading group may publicise their own list of materials, venue, etc on the CCA website by sending the information to the website’s contact address. In this way our project hopes to connect many different feminist lines of flight and create a rich archive of freely available inspiration.”For updates on the project go to www.cca-glasgow.com