‘Psychometry is a form of extrasensory perception characterised by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object.’

Is She One of Us? was shown as part of Megan’s exhibition Granton Séance. The video features a transcript of a psychic exercise which took place at Glasgow Spiritual Centre. During this exercise, a group of practicing mediums performed psychometry on an unknown item, presented to them in a plastic bag. The psychic participants were allowed to put their hand into the bag to touch the object, but not look inside.

The item used in this exercise was a bat costume Megan wore to a primary school Halloween disco, made by her gran. The wings of the costume were cut from Megan’s great gran’s dress, attached to a small black jumper with a plastic bat stuck on its chest.


Megan Rudden is an artist and writer based in Glasgow.

Is She One of Us? was shown as part of the solo exhibition Granton Séance, mote102, Leith, Edinburgh. 24 June-9 July, 2023


In the making of this film, Megan would like to thank to Meg Coyle, Fiona Louise Merckel, Kellie Stevely, Tricia Howden, Klaudia Szabelka, Liz McEwan, Mark Phillips, Liz Nickerson, Gloria Affleck, Heather McCabe, Jackie McWatt, Cecila Barrie, Justine Ryan and Andrew Jelly at Glasgow Spiritual Centre. Eternal thanks to George the Medium for his mentorship and guidance.