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Camara Taylor’s series continues to unfurl: as the cold sets in they speak with Tako Taal and other contributors, whose work we look forward to reading over the coming winter months and thawing spring. This collaboration with the Scottish BAME Writers Network, the series looks at ‘the cold’ in its various registers and realities.

One year on, Rosie shares an interview with Melissa McCarthy, author of Sharks, Death, Surfers: An Illustrated Companion (2019) following a chat they had for MAP, before our appointment as Project and Reviews Editors.

Alison makes notes on the MAP archive of ‘Back Pages’ looking at views from domestic windows and offering a Back Page to this issue. She shares thoughts on ‘cinemas of exhaustion’ and slow cinema, as experiences of lockdown continue.

Thanks to all who contributed and attended our wee zoom-gathering in October, it was joyous to see some of our readership and writers off the page, we had a great night and look forward to seeing you all in alternate circumstances in the future!

Our journey at MAP has been a wonderful experience and experiment in how exciting and experimental editorial practices might manifest, during the wildest of times. We’re continuing to plot our collaborative work under the banner of again+again—if you would like to get in touch personally our emails are and

Ok - a Solid Cosmic CHEERIO! xxx

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