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Performance for Ban: Loveland Colorado, Bhanu Kapil 2012

Led by Catalina Barroso-Luque, a Mexican artist based in Glasgow, this fortnightly reading group reflects the violent slippage(s) that occurs between a text’s subject, its author, its reader(s), language(s) and form itself.

A limited number of books are available at discount from MAP. Please contact for further information.

Child care on the premises will be offered if required—contact for details.


14 October:
Virgin with a Memory, Sophia Al-Maria, Cornerhouse
A novelisation of Al-Maria’s un-made rape-revenge thriller Beretta, composed of script fragments and other behind-the-scenes materials illustrating the author’s frustration at the limitations of the female vigilante genre.

28 October:
Style/Estilo, Dolores Dorantes, Kenning Editions
Poetry as a manifesto, a declaration and lament which mocks, dares and exposes the complex traffic of gender and politics across borders. (Spanish/English and Mexico/USA)

11 November:
Five Measures of Expatriation, Vahni Capildeo, Carcanet
A piece of prose-poetry that speaks about the complex alienation of the expatriate, finding solace in language and ‘not one particular language’.

25 November: Ban en Banlieue, Bhanu Kapil, Nightboat Books A failure of a novel and a series of performance notes which trace an outline around the remains of a woman lying down.

9 December: Pinochet Porn in Progress, Ellen Cantor, MAP ⧣19 Autumn 2009 A sketch by the late American artist of her then un-finished tragic, comic and subversively sexual film, which follows the lives of five Chilean children growing up during the Pinochet regime.