In the Shadow of the Hand is a collaborative project that brings into conversation the practices of Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison. Prompted by a shared desire to look at the relationship between the art object and language, it reflects on processes of evaluation and critique, and the development of artistic response.

The artists made objects that were cast in lead and exchanged. Once exchanged these objects were melted down to their liquid form and recast into lead letters with the artists responding—using text as they see fit­­—to the other’s object. An objective call invited a subjective response.

This relationship between the one and the other, between a text and an object unfolds without any set conclusions.

Invited to continue this exchange for MAP online, the artists have had to reconsider their approach. With gravity gone, how can the weight of words be used to express a response? If the physicality of the words is ephemeral, then shouldn’t the object be? If the object leaves no trace, then how is it witnessed?

The texts presented by MAP were written in response to the last lead object cast.

In reply to these, you are invited to witness a gesture in the shadow of the hand.

Wednesday 27 February 2013, 7pm, The Laurieston Bar, 58 Bridge Street, Glasgow, G5 9JB

Object 4a : Text

Wow. This is going to be amazing.
Can you close your eyes for a moment while I fit these cables? Brilliant, and now just pop your chin up a little.
I mean, we won’t have to worry about… well… well… anything —no more rent, bills… tax returns—I mean, we’re screwing the system, right?
A little higher with your chin please.
This is going to be, it’s going to be revolutionary!
I’m just going to slip this over your head; it might feel a little uncomfortable at first…
Oh my God I’m excited. This is going to be great.
Jim… I’m not sure about this.
Oh, wow. That is a little tight feeling, is that normal?
Just try to relax. Breathe into it.
Jim, what if we change our minds? I mean… what if we decide we don’t like it?
Okay, now sit back and I’ll tighten the central screws.
We won’t Anne, I promise. Come on, you’re going to love it. No more aches, no more pains… no more chiropractor?
Can you make a fist with your left hand for me please? Now, take a deep breath in…
I suppose my back has been giving me a bit of trouble recently.
Exactly! Just think—soon you won’t even have a back!
And on the exhale I’m going to insert this small needle into your…
Oh Jim, I do hope we’re doing the right thing.
Was that it? Wow, I didn’t even feel that one.
I mean, what if I miss my body? What if I miss your body?
And I’m going to flip you over on to your side, that’s it, take little breaths up into your chest.
Come on sweetheart, we’ve spoken about this.
I know, I know, our bodies are containers, it’s just…
Little breaths, up into your chest. Try not to tense your neck
It’s just, how will I know where you are if I cant see you?
This second injection has a slightly longer needle that I’m going to insert in your…
We’ll keep talking to each other
But what if you fall asleep?
I’ll tell you when I’m asleep
Tip your head back for me, great, and hold still
Jim, come on, I’m being serious. God, in theory this all sounded so perfect it’s just now we’re actually doing it…
I’m just going to make a small incision on the side of your neck.
We’ll be so happy Anne, I know it, we’ll want for nothing
And I’ll just peel back your skin and these wires should slip neatly under your…