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Top: Rhea Storr, 3A A PROTEST A CELEBRATION A MIXED MESSAGE, still. Bottom: Jessica Higgins, Dedications

Curated by Rosie Roberts and presented by MAP, this programme of artist moving image and performance for Glasgow Film Festival 2020 includes work by Rhea Storr, Jessica Higgins, Alex Culshaw and Alison Scott.

Exploring performance, text and voice as key forms in contemporary moving image practices, the event will be introduced by Rosie and accompanied by a pamphlet poster which will be distributed at the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

To reserve tickets go to Glasgow Film Festival or contact GFT box office—for both link here. If ticket prices prevent you from accessing the event please contact us on info@mapmagazine.co.uk.

Artist Info:

Rhea Storr (London/Yorkshire) makes films about black and mixed-race identities, asking where images fail or resist us. Her work focuses on the politics of masquerade and the way in which masquerade articulates identity. She seeks to interrogate what it means to be Black and British. Who has the right to speak about whom?

Jessica Higgins (Glasgow) works across performance, writing, installation and publishing. She is interested in the texture(s) of language, sites of intimacy and performance and our relationships to structures. She uses (auto)biography, acts of fictioning, and improvisation as methods to translate trace materials into live performances and texts.

Alex Culshaw (London/Yorkshire), artist/filmaker, has exhibited and screened work nationally and internationally, including recent shows/events at South Kiosk Gallery and Flat Time House both London 2019, Jerwood Visual Arts London and The Coniston Institute & Florence Arts Centre Cumbria, both 2017.

Alison Scott (Glasgow) is an artist and writer who regularly collaborates with other artists. Her work is research-led by an interest in speculative approaches to knowledge production. Alison recently studied on the MLitt in Art Writing at Glasgow School of Art and is currently Associate Producer for the Satellites Programme at Collective, Edinburgh, where she is thinking about alternative relationships to weather-keeping.

Rosie Roberts (Glasgow) is an artist, writer and filmmaker interested in time and relationships. She focusses on paratextual matter, for instance: live presence in tandem with an artwork, footnotes as evidence of time spent reading; flashes of image, films stills as the notation of a visual experience; visual poetics as a trace of screen writing. Her practice is interdisciplinary and her work hybrid in form.