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It’s Our Playground, ORANGE_orange.jpg, 2017

by likeness

Passing through the menu, buttering old bets. You and them and the silent parsley. Music is flesh juice, is a kind of two-scene milk. Believe me when I tell you that nothing is full savoury.

You broach glib and ordinary questions. You are pressing them into service. Biscuits, blue peppers, previous beans … It’s like consuming blind without any sign from the baker. Peace is lemon-thin, because the mouth is always sprouting.

Human yourself better! Not by ability but by likeness, a fare cut down to shape. I know your work, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you would be cold or hot. You are searching for information recognisable as change.


Lila Matsumoto teaches poetry at the University of Nottingham. She co-edits FRONT HORSE ( and is a member of the music collective Food People.