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Caitlin Merrett King libraries
#69 - October 2023 Review

You know it’s not the same as it was:

Caitlin Merrett King attends The Promise of Pleasure, the closing event for Good Bad Books?, a series of workshops and talks organised by Naomi Pearce and Anna Bunting-Branch and held at the Barbican in August/September 2023
Sleepless Hilary
#69 - October 2023 Review

‘As if writing were not sleeping’

Hilary White reviews Marie Darrieussecq’s Sleepless
Public Library1
#69 - October 2023 Project

Public Library

Jacob Hoffman on a new programme of events in a community space hosted by The Dissenter for Space Studies, Edinburgh
Rosie Intro EAF
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF


Guest editor Rosie Roberts introduces her five commissioned responses to Edinburgh Art Festival, 2023
Christian Noelle Charles
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF


Saoirse Amira Anis responds to Christian Noelle Charles’ WHAT A FEELING! Part I, at Edinburgh Printmakers. This is one of a series on the Edinburgh Art Festival 2023, commissioned for MAP by Rosie Roberts
Calvin Image for Map
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF

Calvin & Dorothy Towers

Calvin Z Laing responds to Sean Burns’ work Dorothy Towers as part of an Edinburgh Art Festival 2023 series, commissioned by Rosie Roberts
Girls running in the playground Francis Holland Lower School London 1988
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF

Care with Composition

MAP X EAF guest editor Rosie Roberts, writes to Markéta Luskačová regarding her 2023 exhibition at Stills, Edinburgh
Jupiter Artland
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF

Park Life

Caitlin Merrett King documents Jupiter Rising X EAF Party as part of a series of responses to Edinburgh Art Festival 2023, commissioned by Rosie Roberts for MAP
Nat Raha
#69 - October 2023 MAP X EAF

Poems as Portals

Phil Crockett Thomas responds to Nat Raha: epistolary (on carceral islands). Part of Rosie Roberts’ Edinburgh Art Festival 2023 series
Tomatoes Eilidh Akilade
#69 - September 2023 Vessel on MAP

Extended to Attract and Repel

Eilidh Akilade finds much to weigh up on her tour of the Edinburgh sewage works with artist Tonya McMullan. The drawing tour was part of Art Walk Porty Festival’s Extended Programme and curated project Vessel
Helen De Main We Want the Moon
#69 - September 2023 Review

Repeat Patterns

New work by Helen de Main & Mandy McIntosh at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. Review by Catherine Spencer
Art Walk Porty 1
#69 - September 2023 Vessel on MAP

Take a Walk

‘A visit to Art Walk Porty, across the two hottest days of the year, feels like every artwork is looking over its shoulder to somewhere else along the coastline, fragments from a whole that is variably very close or out in the distance, like the tide or a toilet flush.’ Timothea Armour puts on her sunscreen.
HUNITI GOLDOX Measuring time by the fall of water 2023
#69 - September 2023 Vessel on MAP


Founder and curator of Art Walk Projects, Rosy Naylor introduces this year’s theme, exploring questions of resilience, care and adaptability in the face of global climate questions. This also marks the continuation of an ongoing editorial partnership with MAP
Mushrooms2 Hanz
#69 - September 2023 Reflection

The Flesh, the Mesh, the Mushroom

Writing Fungal Poetry Through Deep Collaboration. By Fiona Glen and Nina Hanz. Their book Mycoglossia is published by HVTN Press
Momentum 12
#69 - September 2023 Review

Polyphonic Practice

Kylie Gilchrist visits the biennial MOMENTUM 12: Together as to Gather, in Moss, Norway
Megan Rudden copy
#69 - August 2023 Screening

Is She One of Us?

A new film by Megan Rudden. Streaming on MAP until 31 October
Megan Rudden 7 copy
#69 - August 2023 Reflection

‘I’m getting tea, maybe the flat sweetness of a custard cream’

Timothea Armour joins hands with the past at the exhibition Granton Séance by Megan Rudden