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Andrew Black
#70 - November 2023 Reflection

‘Only the mineral remains’

A commentary by writer, researcher and activist Keir Milburn in response to Andrew Black’s Margaret Tait Commission film, ‘On Clogger Lane’
Mushrooms2 Hanz
#69 - September 2023 Reflection

The Flesh, the Mesh, the Mushroom

Writing Fungal Poetry Through Deep Collaboration. By Fiona Glen and Nina Hanz. Their book Mycoglossia is published by HVTN Press
Megan Rudden 7 copy
#69 - August 2023 Reflection

‘I’m getting tea, maybe the flat sweetness of a custard cream’

Timothea Armour joins hands with the past at the exhibition Granton Séance by Megan Rudden
Janta Watch Repairing copy
#68 - August 2023 Reflection

Hands Off

Mantra Mukim reflects on repair, work and touch in a painting that has stayed with him over time
NEW A Fragile Correspondence Work on display in Loch Ness section photo by Daniele Sambo 1
#68 - August 2023 Reflection

Land now fantastical when jarred

Eilidh Akilade touches on our relationship with land, a subject of examination in the Scotland + Venice exhibition this year
JESS Sister Films MAP 01
#68 - June 2023 Reflection

The Making of a Film

Jessica Higgins responds to Alex Hetherington’s new work ‘Sister Films’. This text is co-published by CCA Annex and MAP and can be viewed on both platforms
Timothea bats
#66 - November 2022 Reflection

So you want to live like common pipistrelles?

Timothea Armour (sometime member of Moth Death) surveys the bat music scene
Anne Serre cover
#65 - June 2022 Reflection

The Virgin and The Flame

An imagining of Anne Serre’s The Beginners (translated by Mark Hutchinson), by Tomoé Hill
Megan Rudden1
#64 - December 2021 Reflection

The Deepest Gurgle I Ever Heard

Megan Rudden steps into the ‘fabricated ecosystem’ of the Jame St Findlay and Jonny Walker exhibition at Kiosk, Govanhill
#62 - July 2021 Reflection

Doin’ it for the kids, the ESTATE way. 13 snapshots by Neil Cooper

‘With Jimmy Cauty a kind of absentee post-apocalyptic Pied Piper, the volcanic quake of ESTATE proves an irresistible attraction.’ Parked in Muirhouse, Edinburgh throughout June, the event occupies Easterhouse, Glasgow until end July 2021
Glasgow International DB
#62 - June 2021 Reflection

‘A city that changes every time I turn my head’

Donald Butler visits Glasgow International 2021 and finds his ‘attention’ drifting
Sean Wai Keung Beyond Walls photo Brian Hartley 0301 lo 2
#62 - June 2021 Reflection

Home Cooking

Sean Wai Keung discusses his Tramway #BeyondWalls project
Steph Mann Image 3 MAP web
#61 - May 2021 Reflection

Things, tunnels, traces, thoughts: Part Three

Tom Jeffreys’ response to new work by Stephanie Mann concludes
Steph Mann Image 2 MAP web
#61 - May 2021 Reflection

Things, tunnels, traces, thoughts: Part Two

Tom Jeffreys’ response to new work by Stephanie Mann continued…
Steph Mann Image 1 MAP
#61 - May 2021 Reflection

Things, tunnels, traces, thoughts: Part One

A momentary gathering of words by Tom Jeffreys in response to new work by Stephanie Mann
MP DONAK 00359 A 300
#61 - March 2021 Reflection


Edmée Lepercq peers through windows
#13 Spring - March 2008 Reflection

Report: Customising the New Monument

With the advent of exhibitions underscoring the instability of the monument in contemporary art, Isla Leaver-Yap asks what form monumentality takes in the 21st century