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#59 - October 2020 Through Motion

How to Act

That First Sensitive Stage of Becoming Acquainted: Christian Noelle Charles talks with Adam Benmakhlouf
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#59 - September 2020 Through Motion

An Ode to Fear and Fire

A film and poem by Saoirse Amira Anis detailing the intricate web that links her experiences with movement, nature and heritage. An Ode to Fear and Fire touches on the ways in which these links can act as the spark which turns ‘the fear in her belly’ into ‘a fire in her belly’.
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#59 - September 2020 Through Motion

Restorative Disembodiment

A photo essay by Saoirse Amira Anis
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#58 - August 2020 Through Motion


A new film by Debi Banerjee, accompanied by a response from her collaborator Morwenna Kearsley. ‘Top Lodge’ invites viewers to join an exuberant game of free movement and doubling, of time, creation, preservation and destruction.
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#58 - July 2020 Through Motion

Revisiting ‘Dancing With Myself’

Ahead of presenting new work by Debi Banerjee as part of the current programming strand ‘Through Motion’, we take a moment to look back at Debi’s project ‘Dancing With Myself’ in the MAP archive
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#58 - July 2020 Through Motion

Compositional Insurgencies

Sarah Messerschmidt shares thoughts on Shade Théret’s choreographic practice
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#58 - June 2020 Through Motion

Solastalgic Soliloquy

MAP screens a new film by Ayla Dmyterko, with an accompanying text by Ranjana Thapalyal