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#41 - November 2017 Review

Asymmetrical Response

Philomena Epps reviews a collaborative exhibition by Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina at Art Projects Ibiza, 20 June - 16 December 2017
#37 - July 2016

Digital Marginalia

An essay by Annet Dekker exploring digital archival projects. Published as part of ‘Footnoting the Archive: Endnotes’
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#8 - November 2006

Emerging: In the Fields

We introduce two pairs of artists who attracted attention at the Edinburgh Art Festival 2006; and two individual artists who are making a visible mark on the landscape of environmental art
#24 - November 2010

In Production: The Serving Library Company, Inc.

Statement of intent (draft)
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#39 - August 2017 Review

Inner Other

Henry Broome visits ‘Inner Other’, a group show at Gossamer Fog, London, 29 July - 25 August
Mai Birnbaum
#39 - July 2017 Review

Into the Unknown

Rebecca Bligh reviews Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction, Barbican’s summer exhibition, 3 June - 1 September
#39 - August 2017 Review

May all of your dreams come true

Anna McLauchlan experiences Ross Little’s ‘The Heavy of Your Body Parts and The Cool Air of the Air Condition’, the fourth commission in Collective’s Satellites programme
#37 - July 2016


Aideen Doran reflects upon Ted Nelson’s Project Xanadu, a lost information future. Published as part of ‘Footnoting the Archive: Endnotes’
Jellotime  Kopie
#24 - November 2010

Report: Internet Art in the Present Tense

Karen Archey examines the rise, fall and rise of art and information technologies
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#13 Spring - March 2008

Torsten Lauschmann: Play it Again

Elisa Kay discovers a spirit of personal adventure in the work of Glasgow based artist/inventor/producer Torsten Lauschmann