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#31 - February 2014

‘My mother,’ wrote Sontag, ‘improved her manners by losing her appetite’

Sick Sick Sick’ : The Books of Ornery Women | A reading project examining a radical or ‘bludgeoned’ subjectivity of female writers | Session Four, CCA, 24 April, 6.30pm
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#31 - January 2014

‘Sick Sick Sick’ : The Books of Ornery Women

A reading project examining a radical or ‘bludgeoned’ subjectivity of female writers 
'Daisies (Sedmikrsky)', still, 1966, directed by V?ra Chytilov. Sick Sick Sick, MAP 2013
#30 - October 2013

‘Sick Sick Sick’ : The Books of Ornery Women

A reading project examining a radical or ‘bludgeoned’ subjectivity of female writers initiated by Emma Balkind and Laura Edbrook in association with MAP. The project’s tumblr account goes live on 14 November  
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#29 - August 2013

‘Sick Sick Sick’ : The Books of Ornery Women

A reading group examining a radical or ‘bludgeoned’ subjectivity of female writers
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#44 - April 2018 Essay

“More generous and more suspicious”

Anna Bunting Branch examines Feminist SF as a worldbuilding practice 
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#43 - March 2018 Review

a new thread, wayward

Rebecca Wilcox responds to Virginia Woolf: an exhibition inspired by her writings at Tate St Ives, 10 February - 29 April
Carol Rama Opera N 11 Renards
#41 - October 2017

A timely encounter

Carol Rama and the uses of biography by Kylie Gilchrist
06 Hannah Black At Chisenhale Gallery Andy Keate
#40 - October 2017 Review

a woman is our happy issue

Nisha Ramayya on ‘Some Context’, Hannah Black’s solo exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery, London, 22 September - 10 December 
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#11 Autumn - September 2007 Review

Books: After the Revolution: Women Who Transformed Contemporary Art

Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princnthal, Sue Scott ISBN 978-3-7913-3732-6 £25
#37 - July 2016

Endnotes: On Social Reproduction

Endnotes to Victoria Horne’s essay ‘The Weight of History’ published as part of ‘Footnoting the Archive: Endnotes’
#19 Autumn - September 2009

Eva Hesse: Present Tense

Isla Leaver-Yap assesses the work of Eva Hesse, finding a sophisticated legacy with fresh resonance
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#16 Winter - November 2008

Feminism: A Question of Readership

In this issue we publish a selection of the many reader responses to the set of questions on feminism in Issue 15 
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#26 - November 2012

In Celebration of Grassroots and Grass Widows: Women’s Art Collaborations in Glasgow

An essay by Sarah Smith
#14 Summer - June 2008 Review

Joan Jonas

5 April–18 May 2008, Wilkinson Gallery, London
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#47 - October 2018 Review

Make Me Up

Victoria Horne reviews the new feature-length film by Rachel Maclean 
#32 - September 2014

MAP at Platform

‘A Feminist Chorus’ film screening during 21 Revolutions exhibition at Platform, Glasgow, 7 November—7 December, 2014
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#39 - August 2017 Review

Notes from Venice

Claire Walsh offers notes from the Venice Biennale ‘Viva Arte Viva’ 13 May - 26 November
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#39 - August 2017 Review

Nudes Never Wear Glasses

First in a series of responses to Edinburgh Art Festival, Victoria Horne reviews Kate Davis’ solo exhibition at Stills 28 July - 8 October
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#38 - April 2017 Review

Observing Women at Work: Franki Raffles

Catherine Spencer reviews ’Observing Women at Work: Franki Raffles’, at the Reid Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art, 4 March-27 April 2017  
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#19 Autumn - September 2009

Remarks: Read-Out! Read-In!

Faith Wilding and Kate Davis are working towards a two-woman discursive exhibition project with CCA, Glasgow, entitled ‘The Long Loch: How Do We Go On From Here?’, commissioned for Glasgow international, April 2010 
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#25 - July 2011

Reproductive Labour: Cinenova

Nina Power
#44 - May 2018 Essay

Soft Coercion, the City and the Recorded Female Voice

by Nina Power
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#42 - January 2018 Essay

The Engagement Party

Aniela Piasecka and Paloma Proudfoot share a text from their recent performance at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
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#46 - July 2018 Review

The fact that we do

Joanna Peace writes on EVA International in Limerick in the context of the Irish Referendum
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#39 - July 2017 Review

The Restless Image

Philomena Epps on Rose Finn-Kelcey: Life, Belief and Beyond at Modern Art Oxford, 15 July - 15 October
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#37 - July 2016

The Weight of History

Victoria Horne considers ‘Weight’, a video work by Kate Davis. Essay published as part of ‘Footnoting the Archive: Endnotes’
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#41 - October 2017 Review

This Drove My Mother Up The Wall

Susan Finlay reviews Katharina Grosse at South London Gallery, 28 September - 3 December 
We Who Are About To
#44 - April 2018 MAP project

We Who Are About To… Introduction

Project curator Deborah Jackson invites a reimagining of the future
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#44 - April 2018 Event


Dates and times of all project events, including shop opening times
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#14 Summer - June 2008 Review

Whitney Biennial 2008 / Judy Chicago

6 March–1 June 2008, Whitney Museum of American Art / Long-term installation, Brooklyn Museum, New York
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#44 - May 2018 Essay

Xenofeminist Ecologies

(Re)producing Futures Without Reproductive Futurity by Helen Hester (Laboria Cuboniks) philosopher