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#39 - July 2017 Editorial

Fort! Da! notes toward an editorial

Daisy Lafarge introduces a new season of reviews
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#40 - September 2017 Editorial

Objects I Have Been

A reviews season in the ekphrastic mode
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#42 - January 2018 Editorial

Fissile States

Editorial: Daisy Lafarge introduces this issue  
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#43 - March 2018 Editorial

a gray stone wall damming my stream

Editorial: a new season of reviews and features focusing on carcerality, limit and contained energies
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#44 - April 2018 Editorial

We Who Are About To…

MAP project, reviews and online publishing for Glasgow International 2018
Adrian Piper, My Calling (Card) #1, (1986-1990). Offset lithograph on brown paper; published by Angry Art. Gift of John P. Bowles, Indiana University Art Museum
#45 - May 2018 Editorial

Out of Office Auto-Reply

A collaborative serial fiction project following the exploits of Colin Clout—a sixteenth century persona of dissent, here reimagined as art critic
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#49 - February 2019 Editorial

Couldn’t we just bee?

Editorial: an animal-themed season of reviews and features