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#38 - January 2017

Jill Bryson

In conversation with Lucy McKenzie, 25 June 2015, Islington, London (an extract from recently published The Inventors of Tradition II)
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#34 - March 2015

Interview: Dominic Paterson talks to Georgina Starr

Bubbles, brains and what led to I, Cave, a new solo show opening at mima on 7 April 2015.
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#32 - September 2014

‘A Feminist Chorus’

Event over: In Conversation: Lucy Reynolds and Sarah Neely, Glasgow Women’s Library, Tuesday 25 November, 6—7.30pm. Free
Coleman  Hogarth
#25 - July 2011

Remarks: Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth

The collaborators talk about their current fellowship and upcoming projects
#37 - January 2016

In Conversation: Alice Bain, Laura Edbrook, Julia Wylie

Discussing MAP’s history, its identity as a publishing platform and digitised archive.
#37 - June 2016

Living with the Promises of Appearances

Performance and Broadcast by Sarah Rose and Rebecca Wilcox | 9.45 - 10.45pm, 21 June 2016
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#30 - November 2013 MAP Reading Group

‘Sick Sick Sick’ : The Books of Ornery Women

A reading project examining a radical or ‘bludgeoned’ subjectivity of women writers | Session One
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#26 - November 2012

Lucy Stein and Manuela Gernedel share thoughts on Carole Gibbons as inspiration

Three women painters have shared a common address. Two have a conversation embracing their muse, home, practices, generation and serendipity 
#23 Autumn - September 2010

Goat in the Basment

Artist Stephan Dillemuth talks to MAP about his month-long residency at Transmission Gallery in Glasgow Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, 27 September–9 October
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#23 Autumn - September 2010

Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews Emily Wardill

Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist talks to Emily Wardill about her enigmatic film work
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#22 - June 2010

Pablo Helguera: The Unanswerable

Karen Archey interviews New York-based artist & writer Pablo Helguera Pablo Helguera, ‘The School of Panamerican Unrest’, 2003-ongoing
#20 Winter - November 2009

Power Structures, Pantomimes and Parodies

The installations and performances of Paris-based artist Lili Reynaud-Dewar draw from a kaleidoscopic field of identities and histories—from Rastafarianism to Super Studio, from shorthand typists to burlesque entertainers. Here, in conversation with Joanna Fiduccia, she discusses the ambiguities, both sculptural and moral, behind her very particular Follies, and what it means to be the woman behind the curtain
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#19 Autumn - September 2009

Q&A: Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan

Mona Casey interviews Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan
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#18 Summer - June 2009


TJ Carlin talks to Leigh Ledare about personal subjectivity and its reception
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#17 Spring - March 2009


Isla Leaver-Yap talks to Sebastian Buerkner in his studio about his animated films and new commission
#17 Spring - March 2009


MAP asked the following artists and organisers to contribute towards a debate on artist-run spaces in Glasgow and beyond
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#15 Autumn - September 2008

Jordan Wolfson: In Search of the Whale

Hans Ulrich Obrist and Jordan Wolfson take a taxi to the Museum of Natural History, New York, to visit the whale. Time, travel, and time-travel come into their sights
#13 Spring - March 2008

Craig Mulholland: Viral Transmissions

Craig Mulholland talks to Susannah Thompson in the run-up to a series of exhibitions showcasing a major new body of work, Grandes et Petites Machines. A re-edited version of his new film ‘Peer to Peer’ has been commissioned for MAP and can be viewed in the Commission pages of the website or by clicking below
#13 Spring - March 2008

Elena Filipovic and Adam Szymczyk: Q + A

Steven Cairns talks to 5th berlin biennial (bb5) curators Elena Filipovic and Adam Szymczyk about the city, the biennial concept and the philosophies and ideas around this edition
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#13 Spring - March 2008

Residency: Nick Evans

Sarah Smith talks to Nick Evans about his work at home and away
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#8 - November 2006

David Shrigley: Top Drawer

David Shrigley is astonishingly prolific. Outside the mainstream, but embraced by it, he makes T-shirts and posters, but is also bought by the Tate. Neil Cooper visits him in his Glasgow studio and finds the man very much like his work.
#10 - June 2007

Gustav Metzger: Revolutionary Constructions

Gustav Metzger in conversation with international curator Hans Ulrich Obrist reveals a visionary spirit active both politically and artistically across nearly seven decades. With a busy year ahead, Metzger is preparing to show at skulptur projecte munster
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#10 - June 2007

Lucy Skaer: Drawing Close

Glasgow-based artist Lucy Skaer is interested in fictions and histories. Highly articulate in the medium of drawing, she also makes films and installation and installations with charged imagination. Here, she is in conversation with Isla Leaver-Yap
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#7 - September 2006

Studio: Callum Innes

With the turps drying on his survey show in September, Callum Innes welcomes Catriona Black and Luke Watson into his busy Edinburgh studio
#22 - June 2010 Review

Petra Bauer

27 March–8 May, 2010, Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea
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#7 - September 2006 Review


The Eurythmics singer, who was recently honoured by both Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama, reveals her artistic passions
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#57 - June 2020 Conversation

SQIFFLIX: Queer community online

Through a series of WhatsApp conversations artists Rachel Sharpe and Andrw Houston (two queers in lockdown) discuss clones, politics, vengeful vampiric werewolves and say thank you to SQIFF for providing a platform for them to continue to connect.