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#37 - January 2016


Louise Briggs, curator of ‘The transparent tortoiseshell and the un-ripe umbrella’, provides an intimate insight into the thought process behind the show which takes place at Glasgow Sculpture Studios 23 January - 5 March 2016 and includes work by Eva Berendes, Stephanie Mann, Rallou Panagiotou, Vanessa Safavi and Samara Scott
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#37 - December 2016

It is this it is this, it is this

A Portrait of Margaret Tait. Transcript of ‘It is this it is this, it is this’, a performative video-essay by Laura Edbrook & Sarah Forrest
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#37 - April 2016

Voicing the Archive: Recording Session

Documentation of a recording session for the Voicing the Archive installation
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#37 - June 2016

It is this it is this, it is this: Documentation

Documentation of event at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 11 June 2016
Do Not Lean Out The Window Image
#28 - February 2013

With a Certain Manner of Looking

Laura Edbrook—instructions for artwriting from the essays of Virginia Woolf
#25 - July 2011

Grace Schwindt

#37 - January 2016

In Conversation: Alice Bain, Laura Edbrook, Julia Wylie

Discussing MAP’s history, its identity as a publishing platform and digitised archive.
#37 - January 2016

edits-while-u-wait: Video Documentation

Video documentation of the second session of edits-while-u-wait, April 2015, ESW
#37 - January 2016


57 texts from ‘edits-while-u-wait’: the free editing service for artists’ writings aimed at exploring the role of the editor in contemporary art. Introduction by Claire Walsh
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#37 - January 2016

‘The transparent tortoiseshell and the un-ripe umbrella’: FOOTNOTES

The beginning of a series of footnotes to Glasgow Sculpture Studios’ new exhibition. Text by Louise Briggs
#37 - July 2016


Aideen Doran reflects upon Ted Nelson’s Project Xanadu, a lost information future. Published as part of ‘Footnoting the Archive: Endnotes’
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#37 - October 2016

The confessional reading group

The first instalment of a series of ‘magical correspondences’ with MAP’s archive by Holly Pester
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#37 - October 2016


The second instalment of a series of ‘magical correspondences’ with MAP’s archive by Holly Pester
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#37 - October 2016

Geomancing Digital Material / Reading the MAP Archive Oracularly

Holly Pester introduces a series of ‘magical correspondences’ with MAP’s archive of past issues and content. Each instalment will be a projection that stories imagined potential from the archive data
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#37 - November 2016

Tomorrow is a Season: Search-Play-See

The third instalment of a series of ‘magical correspondences’ with MAP’s archive by Holly Pester
Outthemouth Notext
#40 - September 2017 MAP Event

Out the Mouth

Past event. Join us on the west coast of Scotland, at a place between Loch Long and Gare Loch. A cove where the gnarled trees are covered in layers of lichen and moss. Saturday 30 September 2017. 4pm onwards. Cove Park, Peaton Hill, Argyll and Bute. An evening of readings—part of the MAP commission 2017 with Megan Rooney.
#34 - March 2015

Lover of Rock by Joanna Peace

Text developed as part of a MAP writers’ residency supported by Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland.
#28 - May 2013

In the Shadow of the Hand : Object 6a

‘Woman Crawling On Hands And Knees’ Virginia Hutchison responds to Sarah Forrest in the sixth segment of their project ‘In the Shadow of the Hand’. The collaboration can be witnessed on MAP as it unfolds
#28 - May 2013

In the Shadow of the Hand : Object 6b

‘The Idea’ Sarah Forrest responds in writing to Virginia Hutchison. Their collaboration ‘In the Shadow of the Hand’ continues on MAP
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#28 - February 2013

Alex Impey

Dominic Paterson in conversation with Alex Impey
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#27 - December 2012

The gatekeepers’ movements invent another language

Laura Edbrook’s text was written to accompany the video work ‘The End is the Beginning’
#26 - November 2012

Not a Lighthouse

“She thought about deliberately reflecting a mistake, and what form this new mistake would take, and what this new mistake would mean” by Rebecca Wilcox  
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#26 - November 2012

Sun Photographs

Ken Okiishi and Nick Mauss reflect on Zoe Leonard’s Sun Photographs
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#24 - November 2010

Lost in Translation: Do you see what I read?

by Matt Keegan
#23 Autumn - September 2010

Texts About Tripping Over

by Mick Peter
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#23 Autumn - September 2010

New Work Scotland

Collective Gallery director Kate Gray announces the gallery’s dynamic annual programme. Jacob Kerray / Shelly Nadashi 16 October–28 November. Nicolas Party / Catherine Payton 11 December 2010–30 January 2011
Bubka Pingpong
#23 Autumn - September 2010


Ruth Höflich discusses her new occasional small press for limited editions and artists’ projects
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#22 - June 2010

Pablo Helguera: The Unanswerable

Karen Archey interviews New York-based artist & writer Pablo Helguera Pablo Helguera, ‘The School of Panamerican Unrest’, 2003-ongoing
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#17 Spring - March 2009

Remarks: 2HB

Louise Shelley announces a new publishing project for innovative creative art writing, to be launched by CCA, Glasgow, in March. 
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#15 Autumn - September 2008

Report: Contemporary Art Writing and it’s environs

Maria Fusco dips into Art Writing definitions and comes up with her own ideas
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#14 Summer - June 2008

Back Page: Juliette Blightman

Dear Juliette We would like to invite you to write about the view from a window and whatever associated thoughts are inspired by it. We heard you are a bit of an avid rear-window photographer and thought this small project would go well with the domestic-space thematic inherent in your practice.Best, MAP 
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#14 Summer - June 2008

Residency: Rob Kennedy

Rob Kennedy reports from his New York residency
#11 Autumn - September 2007

Commission: Donald Urquhart

The artist known for his party attitude and black and white style, Donald Urquhart brings FOUR WOMEN out of his personal archive and creates a set of drawings, with accompanying text, especially for this issue of MAP
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#19 Autumn - September 2009 Review

Rory Macbeth

26 June Standpoint Gallery, 2009, London
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#17 Spring - March 2009 Review

Gest: Laboratory of Synthesis #1

Edited by Robert Garnett and Andrew Hunt, 2008
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#18 Summer - June 2009 Review

On the Camera Arts and Consecutive Matters: The Writings of Hollis Frampton

£25.95, ISBN 978-0-262-06276-3
#18 Summer - June 2009 Review

Novel - Issue One: Edited by Alun Rowlands and Matt Williams

ISBN 978-1- 906424-07-7,
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#6 - April 2006 Review

Allen Ruppersberg

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, 8 April–28 May 2006 
06 Hannah Black At Chisenhale Gallery Andy Keate
#40 - October 2017 Review

a woman is our happy issue

Nisha Ramayya on ‘Some Context’, Hannah Black’s solo exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery, London, 22 September - 10 December 
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#42 - January 2018 Essay

The Engagement Party

Aniela Piasecka and Paloma Proudfoot share a text from their recent performance at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
#43 - March 2018 Review

Give Up Art

Rebecca O’Dwyer on Maria Fusco’s ‘exciting alongsidedness’ Give Up Art (2018), collected critical writings from 2002-2017, published by New Documents
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#45 - July 2018 MAP Editions

Out of Office Auto-Reply Book

All ten chapters published by MAP
Giving Over While
#47 - October 2018

Giving Over While

A text by Rebecca Wilcox 
Aa 2018 06 9 CABINET Ed Atkins 08
#56 - April 2020 Review

Feasting on Words

Language gets swilled about, chopped and chewed, slid around, and spat out, ready to be eaten up again. Sara O’Brien reviews ‘Old Food’, a novel by Ed Atkins
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#58 - July 2020 Conversation


Hannah James responds to a year in conversation with artist Rosie O’Grady
#58 - July 2020 MAP Project

Part 1: The Self-Illuminating Pen by Sarah Tripp

Guitar and Balloon is the first in a 5 part series. Sarah Tripp shines light on words past midnight in her ‘letters to the editor’ alongside video representations in collaboration with Isobel Lutz-Smith. Free pamphlet available
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#66 - July 2022 Tender a response

Tender a response

Editorial for a review-based series commissioned by editor-in-residence Sara O’Brien
1 online seen not seen
#66 - July 2022 Tender a response


A review of Scott Caruth & Alex Hetherington’s joint exhibition Seen and Not Seen by Jess Higgins
1 2022 Am S Bloodlines SNGMA RGB web angle 1 shot 14 ph Isobel Lutz Smith SML
#66 - July 2022 Tender a response

Genealogy as a matter of tracking shots: Amie Siegel’s Bloodlines

by Dominic Paterson
Slime Mould research and experimentation slime mould agar Perspex box 2022 photographed by Caitlin Dick RESIZED
#66 - July 2022 Tender a response


Enxhi Mandija responds to a speculative exhibition, sometime in Aberdeen. Works by Caitlin Dick and Phoebe McBride
#66 - August 2022 Tender a response

Surface Tension

A review of Domestic Bliss, curated by Katie Bruce, by Rhian Williams
2022 Am S TDG Duke Street 1962
#66 - August 2022 Tender a response


by Juana Adcock
Claycover MAP
#66 - August 2022 Tender a response

Whilst physical, a body is always infinite - a response to Holy Bodies by Clay AD

by Adrien Howard
Final Stubby
#66 - September 2022 Tender a response

My name is Stubby

by Rodrigo Vaiapraia
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#66 - September 2022 Tender a response


An audiotext by Amelia Barratt
#66 - October 2022 Short Story

Untitled (the likeness of lightness in Abney)

By Pierce Evan Eldridge