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There’s the other photo of us, with the projection of a field of tall grass on our faces. I’ve also always liked (?) that photo. It was the performance we did when we introduced the summer school. I’m kneeling on the floor in front of a projector and you are standing with your right arm out, telling the attendees about the story of King Midas. Our shadows are cast flat against the image behind us. You were saying how his hairdresser, on learning that King Midas had become a donkey, was sworn to secrecy. He couldn’t keep it to himself and so he screamed the secret into the soil far from the kingdom. Little did he know the secret would breathe life into the grasses and the wheat, swaying into a whisper, imparting the news to the bugs, and then to the rodents who resided there. Soon, everyone in the town and their pets knew of this juicy gossip. The photograph shows, when my cap is lifted, two giant donkey ears bouncing out to reveal the truth. We made them out of paper that morning! So last minute, but I loved that. I can’t find the photo now, do you have it somewhere? Maybe we can use it if you have it?


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This is an image of my current Airbnb’s wardrobe in Nuremberg. It’s an open shelving style wardrobe, a muted palette of ultra-chic beige, white, black and pastel tones. Some clothes are hanging from rails and some are folded on shelves and in wire drawers. My partner and I arrived yesterday, and as we begin to unpack today, realise our host has not left any space for us in the wardrobe. So I’ve decided to take a whole host of photos of the wardrobe so that I can compress her use of space temporarily, hang up our clothes, and then recreate the wardrobe before I leave. This is the first of many of those images.

Gordon Douglas


Iphone kinetic
A Tesco Street advert in Dundee next to Cicely’s flat. It’s not up any more. The picture shows a smart phone shaped in a way that makes it look like an iphone 5. A chunk of the phone has been cut out. Inside is a victoria sponge cake. The photo shows a reflection of two people in the glass.

Man and machine

Ouch my teeth

We love our phones so much we want to eat them

Is this cake gluten free?

I don’t understand this advert

Have your cake and eat it, like Marie Antoinette?

Is there a cost of living crisis as well as a climate crisis? Are they really being pitted against each other? Oh ffs.

Cicely Farrer



Gordon Douglas is a performance artist in Glasgow. He plays games with organisational staff and their stakeholders, celebrates birthdays amidst austerity, and holds it together before breaking down in offices. He is currently cardbearer for Good on Paper.

Cicely Farrer is a curator on the North East Coast of Scotland. Day to day she facilitates artist residencies, pedagogical events and workshops and supports artists to create new work including performance. She invests her time considering the invisible support structures for artists.

​​Good on Paper is a research project initiated by Gordon Douglas and Cicely Farrer looking into the futures of performance art making in Scotland. They are working with MAP Magazine on a series of texts through spring/summer 2022.

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