2003, Drawing, MoD British National Archives, description: this drawing of “what I believe could be the Home World of the Procyons/Andromedons” was sent to the UFO desk at the archive by someone who signed themselves as ‘Federation Officer’ from London. The letter added: ‘I suggest we do NOT DESTROY The Procyons/Andromedons, Or Make Any Aggressive Acts Against Them…As This Could Cause An Ecological Disaster’. DEFE 24/2039/1

We are delighted to invite you, our reader, to join us and special guests in an informal digital get-together, a *zoom party*, on 22 October from 8pm - 9.30pm. This is a place for MAP’s contributors to collide, tune in, and share work in a spirit of conviviality, rounding off our editorial residency here at MAP—we hope you enjoy their work.

To attend please email: alisonandrosie@mapmagazine.co.uk

Accessibility: If you have any accessibility needs or concerns please let us know and we will endeavour to meet these.

During the event: Please mute yourself when you are not speaking. As this is a casual, collective event everybody will have the option to be visible for a nice community feel, but you can stop your video anytime. Please feel free to use the chat option and we hope to have 15mins at the end of the contributions to linger and chat.

Recording and Documentation: Please do not record this online event. Photos may be taken during the event, if you prefer not to be photographed please let us know or turn off your camera.


8 - 9.15 Readings, screenings, presentations

9.15 - 9.30 Lingering, chat, questions etc


Hello and Housekeeping


Readings, screenings, presentations

Saoirse Amira Anis

Saoirse will read An Ode To Fear And Fire, published by MAP in September this year.

Rosiland Blake

Rosalind will be reading an expanded edit of her MAP article on Rebecca Tamás’ new book of essays Strangers, with some visuals.

Kirsty Hendry

Kirsty considers ‘the flimsy layer that separates one body from another’ with a reading of her text A Maggot—For Freda republished by MAP earlier this year.


Rebecca Collins

Rebecca will read a section from Commission for a Noir Movie B in the Bay of Biscay, a short piece of fiction to be published in Bricks from the Kiln. Part of an ongoing investigation into detective/crime fiction as form (see also Stolen Voices & Necessary Note).

Gwenan Davies

Sulking in a Starbucks: an extract from an ongoing stream of conscious, continuously repeated and edited.

Anna Danielewicz

A supercut from a series of talk shows produced for Withkin radio with Max Syed-Tollan. These largely performative broadcasts focussed on specific areas of everyday research such as ‘Italian cooking and love declarations’, ‘all that burns’, ‘crustie wisdom’, ‘anthropology of chess’ or ‘blood and guts’.


Nell Osborne

Nell will read from recent poetry works.

Adjoa Armah

Adjoa will be reading her recent MAP contribution, And the tears came, a reflection on her relationship to dreamwork as a dreamer with aphantasia.

Kashif Sharma-Patel

Live poetry reading thinking everyday embodiment and constricted space-time.




Ayla Dmyterko

Pour the Fear is a video sketch that explores solastalgia: a neologism that describes emotional and existential distress caused by the rapid decline of our earth.

Hannah Nussbaum

Hannah presents a slide-show of recent research relating to BIG DOG DAYS: a short story published in MAP.

Rose Higham-Stainton

Herema is the feminine for waste, desert. Herema is a text in development that is concerned with the optics and spiritual solace of flat lands in women’s creative practice and the freedom of these spaces as outward and inward-looking.


Mathew Parkin

Lug Cut is a rough sketch using footage for a project around dialect which thinks about the voice, forms of labour and sites of speech.

Habib William Kherbek

Reading a short excerpt from the novel New Adventures, published this year by left gallery, Berlin.

Sara O’Brien

Sara reads: writing through to get through & through to: the object as contained, container, conduit ( ) site, situated, seen ( ) poised, positioned, possessed

Alexander Storey-Gordon

A short film sketch about sea urchin pieces collected from a particular beach over 29 years by a mother and son;

M: They are only found on one side the beach, in three equally and perfectly spaced rows

S: The rows are swept away and re-made afresh with each advancing and retreating tide

M: Pacing along the space between the rows puts me in a trance-like state

S: The way they dull in the pocket

M: Sometimes, for a few years, I hardly found any

S: Holding them in my mouth and sucking the salt and sand, with my first words.

M: It is chance they end up in my pocket, sometimes I chose to leave them

S: I collect them without purpose except as a gift to your collection without purpose


Lingering, chat, questions, etc 15 mins



Saoirse Amira Anis is an artist based in Dundee, interested in her personal ancestry, she has been considering the ways in which she is responsible for the continuation of her cultural heritage. Read Saoirse’s work published by MAP here https://mapmagazine.co.uk/an-ode-to-fear-and-fire

Adjoa Armah is an artist. She spends much of her time chasing ghosts and the spirit of the ocean. Read Adjoa’s writing published by MAP here https://mapmagazine.co.uk/and-the-tears-came

Rosalind Blake is an artist and academic based in North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. She runs a BA course in art at UHI with a focus on ecological practices. Rosalind likes critical and feminist pedagogies, Tidalectics, collaboration, and rock pools. Read Rosalind’s writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/shimmering-surface-radical-depth

Rebecca Collins is an artist researcher working between contemporary performance and sound. Rebecca is interested in how critical, fictional, and performative interventions might indicate potential levers for change. Rebecca is a lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art where she is also the Deputy Director of Research. Read Rebecca Wilcox’s response to Rebecca’s work here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/light-translations

Anna Danielewicz is an artist and writer, currently part of the Market Gallery (Glasgow) committee and working on a novel about teenagers, problematic sociality and queer erasure. Read Anna’s writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/chunky-alive-things

Gwenan Davies is an artist living and working in Glasgow. Read Gwenan’s writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/improvisers-rehearsal

Ayla Dmyterko (b. Treaty 4 Territory, Saskatchewan) is a Ukrainian-Canadian artist based in Glasgow. Her research-led practice encompasses moving image, textiles, painting and sculpture presented in installation formats. See Ayla’s work published by MAP accompanied by an essay by Ranjana Thapalyal here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/solastagic-soliloquy

Kirsty Hendry is an artist and facilitator living in Glasgow who develops projects exploring labour, work, and the body. Read Kirsty’s writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/a-maggot-for-freda

Rose Higham-Stainton writes about visual art, literature, clothing and popular culture, with particular interest in women’s creative practice—articulations of the body and representations of femininity. Read Rose’s writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/mother-ship

Habib William Kherbek is the writer of the novels Ecology of Secrets, ULTRALIFE, New Adventures, and the forthcoming Best Practices. Read his writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/attention-economies

Hannah Nussbaum is an American writer and researcher and a graduate from the Royal College of Art Writing Program. Read Hannah’s short story BIG DOG DAYS published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/big-dog-days

Sara O’Brien is a writer based in Glasgow. Read Sara’s writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/feasting-on-words

Nell Osborne is a researcher and poet, based in Manchester. Read Nell’s writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/a-possible-space-for-the-life-of-a-girl

Mathew Parkin is an artist, writer and home cook mainly working in moving-image with family and friends. Their work is like an armpit, personal and intimate, of the body and relationships. Read Mathew’s four part chronicle published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/index/mathew-parkin-chronicle

Kashif Sharma-Patel is a freelance writer, poet and editor at the 87 Press. Read Kashif’s writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/the-allure-of-simultaneity

Alexander Storey-Gordon is an artist based in Glasgow (b. 1988, Cambridge, UK) who makes drawings, films, texts, and events that look at the way film and literature mediate perceptions and conceptions, of our-selves, our environment, and others, in the construction of meaning. Read Alexander’s writing published by MAP here: https://mapmagazine.co.uk/alchemy-film-and-moving-image-festival-live

NB Maria Blom will no longer be participating in the event.