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A detail from the photographic sequence ‘Images or shadows of divine things’ 2009, by Gerard Byrne. One edit of ‘Images or shadows of divine things’ is presented at The Common Guild as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, 16 April-26 June 2010.

“Edwards’s journals frequently explored and tested a meditation he seldom allowed to reach print; if all the world were annihilated, he wrote… and a new world were freshly created, though it were to exist in every particular in the same manner as this world, it would not be the same. Therefore, because there is continuity, which is time, ‘it is certain with me that the world exists anew every moment; that the existence of things every moment ceases and is every moment renewed.’ The abiding assurance is that ‘we every moment see the same proof of a God as we should have seen if we had seen Him create the world at first.”

Perry Miller,
Biography of Jonathan Edwards