Do Not Make Cover Web 2

Published in collaboration with Essay Catalyst Conversations, this collection brings together published and unpublished authors in a unique collection essays that spans narrative, video, twitter, poetry, philosophy and documentary. Commissioned essays join those selected from a call-out in summer 2017 to voice personal, authorial and human concerns across generations, continents and history.

Authors: Lisa Robertson, Colette O’Connor, Joanna Walsh, Ruth Novaczek, Beatrix Gates, Fiona Montgomery, Tracy Mackenna, Claire Heuchan, Elena Aldegheri, Christopher M.J. Boyd, Katherine Mackinnon, Chin Li, Emily LaBarge, Maria Sledmere, Isabella Streffen, Miranda Stuart, Kate Briggs

Editors: Elizabeth Reeder, Laura Edbrook, Alice Bain

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Published with the support of Creative Scotland and the Royal Society of Edinburgh