my anatomical emotive capacities
yank water from my brain
to swathe to the tips
of my eyelashes

reality drowns in lengths of proteinous

these tears
hold still as bodies
catching the throat of my musculature

I keep them in hold when I hit out
they course through my veins
bruising inside or out

Pangea of the soul

we are not talking about the breaking down

of things

I can’t hate it, or you, for not wanting to

the autoroute of the nervous system
unable to keep the meat
(my flesh)

from rotting as it steps
causes nausea to rise

from the pit of the largest bowl
where crumbs become body parts

in a new period that self-same soul takes stock

perhaps in another supercontinent

‘super’ connotes excellence

but I am not blowing my own horn

merely referring to the vastness
of existing from head to toe

Based in Edinburgh since 2011,
Paloma Proudfoot (who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2014) and Aniela Piasecka began to develop their collaborative practice in 2014, and are joint Artistic Directors of the all female performance company, Stasis.

Created specifically for Platform: 2016, ‘Made to be Broken’ combines sculptural objects with a series of performances which explore the destructive force that is central to creation. Performance dates (in collaboration with Jamie Robson): Friday 5 August, 6pm, Saturday 13 August, 12 noon, and Sunday 28 August, 3pm.