Melanie Carvalho
represented by doggerfisher, will spend 13 summer weeks at Cove Park as resident artist. One half of tag-team DJs Stryker, Carvalho’s artwork is a mixed media layering of images and textures. Zambia-born, she intends to focus on the exotic flora of the west coast.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh
was filled with colour and smoke as a limping Simon Patterson recreated his piece ‘Landscip’ in April 2005. (Patterson reportedly injured his leg on a photo-shoot in Princes Streeet Gardens earlier in the months.) Originally commissioned in 2000 for Compton Verney, Warwickshire, as a response to the occupation of land by soldiers during WWII, the work involved detonation of coloured smoke grenades.

Roddy Buchanan
returns from Helsinki having organised the third Artcup, which has provided him with ‘a solution to the tired platform of art exhibitions about sport. This art and sport, not art about sport. Along with Dundee-based curatorial powerhouse Nuno Sacramento, we have taken three different combinations of 30 Scottish artits to three desinations—Lisbon 2004, Belgrade and Helsinki 2005, to contest Artcup .It’s been such a refreshing project, I’m still buzzing about the outcome.’

Claire Barclay
is working at DCA, Dundee as part of Made at DCA, a project which invites exhibiting artists (usually non-printmakers) to work at DCA print studios. Finished work from artists involved with the scheme will be shown at the Glasgow Print Stuudios and Edinburgh Printmakers in August. Barclay was a recipient of the SAC’s Creative Scotland Awards, which favoured the visual arts this year. Thomas Joshua Cooper, Moyna Flannigan, Stephen Hurrel and Louise Scullion (in collaboration with Matthew Dalziel) were the other four who received a payment of £30,000.

John Bellany
has been named the first honorary Freeman of East Lothian. The award goes to Bellany in recognitioin of his international standing as one of Britain’s foremost living artists.

Turner Prize 2004
winner Jeremy Deller, represented by the Modern Institute, Glasgow, together with Alan Kane, is curating an exhibition Folk Archive—Contemporary Popular Art from the UK at the Barbican in London, touring to Milton Keynes Gallery, Spacex Gallery, Exeter and the New Art Gallery, Walsall later in 2005.

Dalziel + Scullion
are blowing up large in a new project that stretches from Aberdeen to London, via Dundee, Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, and more. Breath Taking sparks from the discussion over wind farms and the links between ecological crisis and a gobal economy. This summer, their billboards will appear across the land, covering up tired election campaigns—are you thinking what we’re thinking?

The Storr
presents low-impact environmental art on the Isle of Skye during August and September 2005. Around 200 walkers, all equipped with a torch, will join in a midnight tour. En route they will encounter installations illuminating landforms and drifting soundscapes from Norwegian composer Geir Jenssen and Skye poet, Sorley Maclean .

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
Gateshead, has appointed a new director, Peter Doroshenko, previously of the Stedelijk Museum Voor Actuele Kunst (SMAK), Belgium’s leading contemporary art gallery, and University of Wisconsin.

Clive Gilman
joined DCA as director in February 2005 after 14 years, most recently as artistic director, at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technologies, Liverpool (FACT).

Alec Finlay
is one of the artists selected by the venerable Gustav Metzger for the 15th annual East International at Norwich Art Gallery, 2 July-20 August, 2005. The exhibition is centred loosely on ideas of resistance and criticisms towards exitsting structures, and will run 24 hours a day, extending into the city of Norwich itself. Metzger is best known for his ‘Manifesto for Auto-destructive Art’. He was born to Polish-Jewish parents and came to Britain as a child refugee.

Richard Wright
represented by the Modern Institute, Glasgow, is showing new work at the Centre d’art Contemporain le Domaine de Kerguéhennec, France, 23 April-19 June, 2005.

Christine Mackie
won the sixth Beck’s Futures Prize at the end of April 2005. Mackie’s work ‘Installation version 2: Part 1’, is a sculptural installation that combines two poetic pieces—a form with glass orb, and a viewing platform for two projections. Becks’s Futures opens at the CCA in Glasgow on 28 May 2005.