‘Emotional Connections’, 2009

Give a form to the truth

I love making collages. It is simple to make one and it can be done quickly. I want to make collages that are evidence in themselves. Collage creates a new world from two or more elements of the already existing world. In the case of ‘Emotional Connections’ there are two existing elements. These two elements or images are printed matter, and it is that which associates the two images. They are elements, images of our undivided world, of our only world, of our unique world. The one image is not accused, and the other is not accusing, rather I want to connect the two images with one another, to bring them together, to make them one. I want to do something new. I want to glue them together into a new worldview, because I live in this complex, chaotic, cruel, beautiful and wonderful world. I want to be happy in it and I want my work to reflect that. That is why I want to make a beautiful work and why I want to make a work which reaches beyond history, which resists historical facts and which is—in my historical field today—‘a-historical’. I affirm the world in which I live and in doing this I want to affirm also the negative side of this world, because it is part of our world. There is no reason to look away from the negative part, but there is a reason to face the negative without becoming negative. This reason is ‘truth’. ‘The truth’ which is the opposite of ‘the fact’. The truth which also has nothing to do with journalism, information, communication or documentation. With my work I want to give a form to the truth.

Thomas Hirschhorn for MAP November, 2009
Thomas Hirschhorn: It’s Burning Everywhere,
Dundee Contemporary Arts, 19 September-29 November. The Subjecters, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 9 October 2009-5 January 2010

Featured as ARCHIVE SPOTLIGHT #9 as part of Suzanne van der Lingen & Claire Walsh’s Footnoting the Archive project, 2016