A new film by Mairi Lafferty made on residency at, London. Available until 7 February 2017

A recursive cycle, Droste depicts the subject which is also the mechanism for its depiction; captured on 16mm film, the flame from a struck match acts as the light source that exposes the film itself.

This 8-minute-long excerpt includes bouts of black where the film remains unexposed and flares of white, in which the brightness of match-flame cannibalises the image.

Droste Season* 
The opportunity to create a Season using items from the MAP archive, which in some way connect to my work, has been an opportunity to see how one idea can manifest as a hundred different works of art. The articles were picked from search engine returns on two words that are central to Droste: ‘darkness’ and ‘lightness’. The themes that have sprung out of this—collaboration, connection, illusion, theatre, re-enactment, performance, space, time, contortion, translation—have a profound connection to the work. The seven texts that make up this season are just drops in the ocean—I urge you to dive in.  

Mairi Lafferty is an artist based in Edinburgh.

was produced during a residency at, London in July 2015 and was funded by Creative Scotland. It was first screened at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow as part of the Ripples on the Pond programme in September 2015 and has gone on to show in Paris and London.

Droste is available to view on MAP until February 2017

* DROSTE season can be seaarched in the ‘Themes’ search bar on the MAP website