A conglomerate of voices rise up like hidden steam.

Stephanie Mann presents a footnote to Glasgow Sculpture Studios' exhibition, 'The transparent tortoiseshell and the un-ripe umbrella' (23 January – 05 March 2016).

The egg grows her shell in a curve.

Intuitively ergonomic,

withstanding pressure from out-with to protect the within.

          The egg is quiet and never discusses her formation decisions,

                     her modesty masks it.

           In fact, I’ve never watched an egg become-

it just does

and is.

                                                        Apples follow suit,

                                                     guided by the seasons

                                                or lead              toward a star,

                                              their                 informed instinct.

                                              The   distinction between        the

                                              inside                              and out,

                                              strong                      but intimate,

                                               acts as a protective membrane.

                                              A motherly womb, defending

                                              against adrenaline/oxygen fuelled entropy.

We become the skin and the shell.
We teeter.
We hold.

           Our muscles frozen in gymnastic tension,

                                                                 a glistening film to the in and within.






                                                       resting on your outstretched arm.

                                      We breathe in,   but never out and our density shifts.

                                                              Repetition brings form,

                                                                          as we fill the same space but

                                                                          our   space    becomes    full.

Our entire neural network is now populated by symbols




                                  filling gaps amongst the mist,

                                          as if ancient rock formations drunk on espresso. ¹

In a pivot from soil,

           forced playmates

           and pressure

                       the arrangement is sweetened,

                                                          becoming the above.

                      All risen,

                                    not   one       but made up of many,

                                  equal     elements     in     this     ritual.

                                Humbly aware that one wave out of place

                                                       may result in

                                                               a catastrophic


                                                                   of gravity’s



¹  Hunt me down Maracas, I’m hiding inside your terrain.

Stephanie Mann is an Edinburgh based artist and writer. Her work is currently on show at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, until 5 March 2016.

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