Unmastered, Remastered by Katherine Angel & The Blackburn Company

‘This lubricious body has run ahead, has jumped through the hoops, and got what it wanted. It looks back over its shoulder and laughs.’ Katherine Angel, 2012 

Unmastered / A Book On Desire, Most Difficult To Tell is a collection of literary non-fiction writings on feminism and sexuality published in 2012. Katherine Angel divulges her desire in short libidinal bursts, ‘Knotty, vegetal, fleshy.’ She quotes Virginia Woolf and Susan Sontag, her lover, and herself. Piercing and lyrical, Unmastered opens up a larger space for the exploration of feelings that can be difficult to express. Angel shows how our lives are shaped by the words we use and the stories we tell.

Unmastered, Remastered, commissioned by Sick Sick Sick and MAP for CCA, Glasgow, is a performance of the book in collaboration with theatre group The Blackburn Company. Excerpts of Unmastered were shown as part of ‘My Night With Philosophers’ at L’Institut Français in 2012 and at the launch of Clinic III and Five Dials magazines at Son Gallery in London.



Katherine Angel is the author of Unmastered / A Book On Desire, Most Difficult To Tell (published in the UK by Penguin/Allen Lane and in the USA by Farrar, Straus & Giroux). Her writing has appeared in The Independent, Prospect, The New Statesman, Aeon, and Five Dials. She studied at Cambridge and Harvard universities, has a PhD from Cambridge, and after a fellowship at the University of Warwick, currently holds a research fellowship at Queen Mary, University of London. Her writing addresses the shifting relationships between psychiatry, feminism and sex research.

The Blackburn Company, led by director Nick Blackburn (previously working with the Wooster Group), Isabelle Schoelcher and Richard Dodwell, uses staging techniques to lead audiences into strange and deeply emotional worlds. The group is committed to dangerous theatre that collides actors, video and music and collaborates with writers, composers and academics to create works inspired by abnormal psychology, cinematic film scores and New York experimental theatre.

The performance is part of the reading group project ‘Sick Sick Sick: The Books of Ornery Women’ programmed by Emma Balkind and Laura Edbrook in collaboration with MAP.

7—9pm, Monday 12 May, CCA Theatre